Dear devs, please do not design this game for eSports crowd

Seriously. Do not repeat this mistake again that you already did with dow 3, it’s horrible idea, don not make UX and gameplay of your game for only competitive esports starcraft scene, it’s bad idea, it’s incredibly stupid
Yes, they design it like dow 3 with an eye on eSports competitive scene
Taken from playground interview:

Quinn Duffy: First, we want to make just a good game. We will support the esports community. We will be very happy if the game becomes popular in this regard. People love to look at the top players, but we can’t get everyone to play competitively. Our challenge will be to make a game that people will want to play.
Куинн Даффи: Для начала мы хотим сделать просто хорошую игру. Мы можем и будем поддерживать киберспортивное сообщество. Мы будем очень рады, если игра станет востребованноц в этом плане. Люди любят смотреть на топовых игроков, однако мы не можем заставить всех играть на соревновательном уровне. Наша задача сделать игру, в которую люди будут хотеть играть, за которой будет интересно наблюдать.


Honestly, the more I found new info about game, the more I depressed, after every new detail I feel this game will be complete trainwreck, disaster and mess of stupid decisions.
Relic please, throw away stupid idea design game around eSports competetive scene, games must be fun for the first, this horrible idea to catch up eSports crowd ruined a ton of good rts games.