Dear Devs, please don't put all your cool new ideas on the new civs only

I’m a big fan of the work being done with the new civs and how you constantly keep coming up with cool and creative new mechanics for units and civilizations that were previously unheard of in AoEIII. But please, don’t put all of them in the new civilizations only, it’s creating a situation where the older civs are becoming very plain and vanilla when compared to the recently released ones, while the new ones on the other side end up feeling overly complex and gimmicky.

The older civs could benefit a lot from some new ideas and mechanics introduced with recent updates. France, for example, could use a revamped revolution mechanic similar to Mexico, where they can keep revolting over and over again. The Dutch could have some mechanic where their banks’s gold generation goes up or down dynamically depending on factors like where they’re built or how many resources are available. The Germans could do wonders with some sort of system where they can play around with the many different duchies and kingdoms and bishopries that used to part of the HRE, something like the Americans or Africans age-up systems or something completely new and unique to them. Russia could have some sort of Scorched Earth mechanic… The possibilities are endless.

I hope you keep up the amazing work with many updates to come, just please don’t focus all your efforts on the new civs, give some of the old ones some love too. I’m pretty sure that the fans will appreciate it a lot as it keep the game fresh and more competitive.


They are going back and changing older civs, we’ve seen them do it with inca and aztec and usa which needed some changes and next they’ll be doing haud and lakota.

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They’re doing Haud and Lakota AGAIN?

I had a feeling this would be an issue when I found out a lot of the WOL team joined FE but the naive part of me thought they’d be able to remain professional and do what is good for the game and community, rather than selfishly indulging in their desire to make the game about post-colonial civs with wacky over the top mechanics.

Dear FE: We liked WOL as a mod, but we all thought its ideas were too insane for an official release. Knock it off.


Have they recently changed haud and lakota?

im actually fairly certain it was the napoleonic era modders who went to fe, as far as i know only 1 wol modder left to make de


Talk for yourself. WOL is amazing and I definitely like the variety the new civ offer and the fact that some of those civ designs come to AOE3:DE is great from my point of view.

from what i can tell:

Vividly is Esoc? at least i associate him with the competitive maps from there

Tilanus is NE, not sure if there are other from NE

Pereira is WOL, and the only one

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I generally agree with the idea, but the core mechanics of some civs had better not change. New cards/techs, upgrade/revolution options and late-game options would definitely be welcomed.

For example, floating bank income might be a really cool idea. However it should not be something that comes inherently with the Dutch banks from the very beginning, but maybe a special ability that can be unlocked through a card or an upgrade politician (e.g. a card/tech that makes the bank income boost temporarily with every market buy/sell action, with a cool down, and fall back below normal for a short period of time, then return to normal, just making this up).