Dear Matchmaking

If I am searching alone for a team game I really don’t want to play against a fully stacked premade looking to rush down one player as soon as rams are unlocked.

Can it be beaten? Occasionally but the rams only have to destroy two LM and its a 3v4 from there. It’s usually LB/Rams, Royal Knights, Mangudai and the last player goes spears.

Is it fun? Nah.

Now I’m not complaining about rushing, rather than the fact matchmaking seems to not factor in premade teams. Especially as a large part of the (on european servers at least) playerbase is asian there is often a language barrier as well.

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I do not believe in a filter for premade teams, or for strict geolocation, but I would like the game to have pop ups bugging players to buddy up and enter matchmaking as a team once in a while.

It’s just so much more fun to not play alone. The only excuse for not doing so is an inability to add other players in game &/or use a 3rd party service for Voice chat.


Honestly I’d love to be able to add a language preference for matchmaking if nothing else.

I prefer to play as a team but if I do go with randos it helps if they can understand each other

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