Deathmatch gamespeed

why is the dm default speed fast?
I feel like even on normal speed the pace of dm is super fast (since you need to boom, micro, get map control) so i dont really understand why you have to make it even faster. I think i would enjoy normal speed more to be honest.
What do you guys think?

It has always been standard to use fast speed on DM in competitive play. It’s the one game mode that emphasizes fast play the most, and the use of fast speed reflects that.

That’s why civs like Huns or Goths, the fastest DM civs, have always been favorites.

well i feel like dm should be like a modus which emphasizes lategame (like treaty, but without the 30 min wait time to build up). Does the fast gamespeed really add much to that?
For me the fast game speed decreases the fun, it doesnt make sense to me (because the game mode is fast enough anyway)