Deathmatch in AOE 4

Will there be a Deathmatch Game mode in AOE 4?
I know it is not the most popular game mode, but i think there is a good amount of players who occasionally do enjoy a round or two of deathmatch.
It also really isnt much work to implement i think

There is already a deathmatch mode actually.
It is a matter of settings in personalized game, you just have to chose “High ressources” and starting age to start a game that is like the old deathmatch mode we were so much to enjoy.
I personnaly play some DM in AoE4 and I must admit it is really fun and well over my excpetations.
I know hope to have a lot o player aware of such thing.

You don’t start with any upgrades when you select to start in age 4. They should just add a post-imp option. But you don’t start with any landmarks witch are so core to aoeIV…

Correct you do not have all techs by default so you have to take this in consideration in your strategy which is ok and even more instersing as “old” aoe deathmatchs.
And yes you are right there is no landmarks which is obvious as soon as you start imperial age…
This is sadly the cost to enjoy the “faster” gameplay given by Deathmatch.