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Good luck everyone!

Christmas holidays? it would be nice to celebrate Christmas with roast turkey !! but someone stole it … and we want to take it back !!! it is fought also in the holidays, because … this is AGE OF EMPIRE !!!

It is holiday time for the prosperous empire of Jauhar, but the village of Ampan Kechil, isn’t having much of a good time for the holidays. Usually, they will go and visit their families, if they live at another place, but unfortunately Jauhar is at war with another state, and Ampan Kechil is at the border between the two states; so the villagers had to stay and prepare for any attacks. But also due to the war, some of their family members from the other villages and even cities come to the village, to not only help with the war but also to celebrate with their families and friends there.

Hy Everyone!
My villagers are so busy at that time because all of man are have to go to his hometown. Woman are going to the market, travellers are searching an inn where they can sleep… Every man have the own task what they have to do. So Bethlehem is full, every inn is full. If you come late, you won’t find a place, where you can sleep…

…Like that couple. They have to stay in a small barn with animals. Mary gave life for a baby, the small Jesus Christ. But they aren’t alone, the three kings and also the shepherds are visiting the small child.

It maybe a holiday for us but it’s not for the nomadic societies of Age of Empires. For them a dry winter is closing in. Snow doesn’t quite creep to the settlement along the reservoir but neither do gazelle. Soon the nomads must migrate south to where the gazelle tracks lead. The tribes priests prophesies a great struggle for the coming winter, shortages of food & water as the ice creeps from the north.

But to the nomads it’s just another winter, tactical gazelle luring and hunting techniques help the tribe prepare for the nearing cold.

As I’m in month 1 of the 3 month cooldown period, this entry is not competing for a prize. I just need to practice now and then to keep my skills up, and I felt like having a raiding party.

Merry almost Christmas everybody! May I be in ur base, killing ur doodz!

There are many ways villagers can spend the holidays. These villagers spent them time-travelling.

What did John Black do with this newfound knowledge? He carved it on the side of a mountain in the Rockies, shortly before spotting Russian columns in the passes right below it.

  • Disclaimer: The missionary’s story is completely made up. Any possible puns regarding Turkey and Asia Minor are entirely unintended.

I am from the south emisphere, so it’s summer in christmas, and we suffer the heat like the crusaders in Saladin’s campaign…merry christmas to everybody

King Atreus’ Villager Tree

King Atreus was unable to locate a Christmas tree for the season, for they had all been cut down for hundreds of miles around. Though, he did have hundreds of villagers from various villages. He forced them to stand in his courtyard for days as he celebrated Christmas. The villagers had a rather terrible Christmas that year, but at least King Atreus enjoyed it. From that day on King Atreus made it a tradition to make the villagers form his Christmas tree each year.

It’s holiday season! The war has been put on hold. The villagers from both the factions have put on their Christmas hats and worked together to decorate the Christmas tree! Unfortunately, they couldn’t find any reindeer this year so they will have to make do with sheep. It’s time to let go of all your worries and be happy! Merry Christmas!

Planing an attack by Turtle ships is probably not the best idea in the winter,
But at least the view of the night sky is pretty

@“Slow Creeper200” said:

Planing an attack by Turtle ships is probably not the best idea in the winter,
But at least the view of the night sky is pretty


For character counting purposes, the full text of the entry is described below. It made 594 characters >without spaces (you can check it here: Even the Defeated message was counted.

The last match on Holiday…
You have been defeated!
…Player 1 left! Everyone can unfreeze!
Part time job as a corpse carrier. Not cool.
Other employers are even worse. Spanish demands an extra quarter of gold. Absurd!
Sent my resume to the AoE 3 Trade Route Position already. No death risk there.
Wondering here Mr. Paladin, why we stopped to push relics on carts, like in AoE 1?
Pablo, I was about to leave, but hey, where are you lifting weights?
Haha, just got Supremacy done. Don’t forget our Villager Holiday Party today! We gonna have a horse raffle!
Oh yeah, true! — But hey, yellow ones, you are late!
Just chill bro… Barrels are filled with booze instead of powder for the Holiday Party!
The end… Happy Holidays!

The scenery I have created in the AoE II editor depicts Vlad the Impaler (blue) greeting trading carts and Petards, guarded by Chu Ko Nus, carrying fireworks ordered from China during the rulership of Emperor Yingzong of Ming, which came just in time for New Year!

We’ve not even spent one hour in 2018 yet, but I wish you all an amazing 2018 from Romania!

P.S.: please do consider giving Vlad his own civilization if you plan on making future expasions for AoE II.

On Christmas Eve these Briton villagers are preparing to decorate their Christmas tree when a decrepit old monk stumbles into their village with an old relic. He warns the villagers that the age of Vikings has begun and the Norseman may have followed him to their isolated island. Celebrating Christmas is not on their mind as they are on a quest to slaughter any and all Christians they see to bring glory to the Old Gods. Unfortunately the threat looms very close. Something tells me the villagers may not get the Christmas celebration they were expecting.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

A Christmas miracle in the colony

This is a story about the moment which was really worth celebrating. The villagers were in a huge danger but on Christmas Eve - there is always hope.

The Story of the First Christmas

**In Bethlehem, in a cold winter's night, Joseph and Mary couldn't find a place to rest because it was full of villagers living in the town that wanted to have some free time to sleep and eat after a hard working day** ![](/uploads/editor/f9/dsqsxdpfoods.png "") **Meanwhile, in the Far East, Three Wise men Followed a Star to find the Newborn King as was foretold centuries before.** ![](/uploads/editor/z2/ufqt6zjpwwx7.png "") And Shepherds went to see the newborn king with their flocks by night. ![](/uploads/editor/dh/p9q2rnsp96mg.png "")

They finally got to see the Baby boy with the Virgin Mary and Joseph in the Stable.

That day was the reason why Christmas exists today, and would afterwards become the most celebrated time of the year, and villagers from all the world gather to remember this occasion with reverence.

Merry Christmas, and a happy to new year to everyone


my account has been hacked and i have tried everything to get it back with no luck how can i fix this i have been trying for 3 hours now and everything i have been told to do has failed and this is where i ended up from all my searching for help

@CENSAE said:
my account has been hacked and i have tried everything to get it back with no luck how can i fix this i have been trying for 3 hours now and everything i have been told to do has failed and this is where i ended up from all my searching for help

What account exactly? If you refer to your Steam account, then you should contact Steam Support about it. They have improved their customer service over the years.

And no matter what account you’re talking about, take a quick moment to think if there’s anything important that uses the same username or email address and the same or a very similar password, like maybe the mail account itself, a banking site, Paypal, or indeed Steam if that isn’t what you mean. (Or do you mean another XBox live account?) Change those passwords immediately!

Good luck getting it back.

(Also, wrong topic, but in this case we’ll forgive you.)