December Update appreciation post

I know many users are reporting many bugs now but so far I play mostly custom lobbies and single player, (so didn’t find much so far), so I just wanted to make emphasis in the fix on performance and fix on v-sync on the game, this is the first time since I tried from the early beta that the game actually truly feels smooth and responsive like it should be, of course, there is still room for improvement, but the performance increase that I have seen is something I though the team couldn’t get, and I’m glad that I was wrong.

Thanks devs for the update, keep it up, this masterpiece now truly shines more now, as the game is much more pleasant to play now.


My FPS doubled from 120 to 240 with the update, and my benchmark shot up by 200 points, which is pretty amazing.

I’ve seen a significant change in how my system resources are used too. Less CPU and much, much more GPU.

Loads of annoying bugs are now gone, such as villagers going idle around resource drop off points, thick borders on farms and buildings, and most importantly, I can now consistently create lobbies in unranked. The unranked lobby list also seems to show all the games across the world, and not just 5 or 6 local games. There’s hundreds now!

I’m loving the winter mod too. Hurling ‘presents’ from trebs to destroy castles is pretty entertaining.

Thanks for the update and keep up the good work!


Unfortunately I have to report, that performance has decreased for me when there is a lot of action on map

The game is definitely less resource intensive, even things like loading screens and menu transitions are smoother. But what made me glad the most on this update is the fix for the unraked lobbies. NOW I CAN PLAY CUSTOM GAMES ON A REGULAR BASIS!!!

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The game is a lot better now and before my crashes all the time randomly now i can play full game without problem of my game just close without reason and the multiplayer if my internet is bad it still in the game so i am not shutting down from the game just about poor internet