Decrease pierce armor of building

Make feudal war more great by decrease building P armor.
By doing so, We can make Archer, Skirm Wars and Other Feudal war to counter them.

Their melee armor was enough weak though…

Archers do not need buff.


And turns every archers into Obsidian ones… ?


Feudal Wars (a.k.a. Full Feudal) are never coming back, I don’t like telling you, except for maybe mirror matchups. The meta figured out that having just enough Feudal Age military to buy time to macro to the Castle Age is always the best mid-to-late Feudal strategy, because Castle Age is such a huge powerspike to Feudal Age.

Even KotD IV, with its more open Arabia and more expensive/weaker walling is surprisingly seeing plenty of less aggressive, walling, back-and-forth macro games, but zero Full Feudal games. Partly because I see some players are simply adapting to the walling changes (i.e. Daut) by walling in woodlines, and building a 1-tile-gap Mill to wall in berries, so that aggro builds like M@A/Archers are delayed just barely long enough to get slower builds going like 19/20 pop Scouts and 21 pop Archers.

The closest Full Feudal game was Incas vs. Britons. But that game also slowed down its Feudal aggression to get to the Castle Age so Britons have Long Swords to counter Eagles and Incas have Slingers to counter Long Swords.

The only building where I would agree with decreasing the pierce armor is the Market. It’s annoying how you can block out Feudal Age Archers from coming through a wall. If its pierce armor was decreased from 8 to 4 in Feudal Age, Archers would do 2 instead of 1 damage per shot.

You can always add maa to your archers, so there is absolutely no need to make buildings taking more damage from them.

Archers are already the strongest units in feudal overall, we don’t need to buff them there. A lot of knight civ quite frequently open archers, it’s not uncommon.

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