Decreasing multiplayer rating

Hey, for a while I was at ~1700 RM team ranking and had the fun of my life, however a couple months ago my rating somehow jumped to 2100 and this causes me a lot of distress: I cannot join custom games – mainly Black Forest 4v4 – as these are almost always advertised for “NOOBS ONLY” and I get kicked while on the other hand I don’t enjoy ranked games because I find the opponents too strong.
Now how can I reduce my rating to a level that reflects my skill?
Is it okay if I continually join ranked games and resign a few minutes into the game? I don’t imagine this is encouraged by I see no other obvious way.

Your rating is probably inflated because the miscalculation (See Analyses of the ratings - Spotting the issues for more details).
The devs are trying to solve the issue. At least they fixed the error in the calculation, but now you can exploit the rating differently. The devs also didnt clean up the mess they made. Not sure when (or if) they will clean up their mess. My suggestion is to have a full reset of the ladder. That will fix your issue.

Then you also have an other issue: Some people in the lobby think you are a pro if you just have a rating on the ranked ladders. Even if it is low, you still gets a kick for being not a noob from the host. On the other side Unranked elo is applied to the lobby, but not visible ingame. I have seen people with 2500 unranked elo and a win rate of 80+% who still are hosting noob lobbies. Since they dont have a ranked rating, they are free to join every noob lobby without issues. As result the lobby is a pretty toxic place in general. I made some suggestions so the devs can improve the lobby (How to improve the lobby?), but i have no idea if the devs have plans to improve the lobby in the future.

There are kind of two options:

  • just quitting every team games in the first second. People will hate you for that behaviour, since you are ruining their enjoyment. I do always report these players, but i have no idea if you could recieve a ban for juist quitting that early.
  • Some players make smurf accounts. So you have a second account on which you play. I hate facing smurfs as well. If i am sure i faced a smurf i will report that player as well. Again not sure if the devs do something with all reports.

So there isnt a good solution… You best hope might be just waiting until the devs reset the ladder or do something else to clean up the mess of the team game ladder.

I believe after 25 days of not playing ranked your rating becomes hidden. So you may have to explain for a few days as you join the lobbies you like but it will eventually disappear.
Tanking your Elo is another alternative, as outlined above.

Did somesome carry you to 21++? It happens quite a lot. I see a LOT of tg players that don’t play their tg elos.

Maybe you should create another acc? I level 3 acc simultaneously. Why? Because it helps to keep my elo consistent. If I reach a new elo, I go down to the second acc to reach the same elo with it as well, and then the third one. It kinds silly but I think it helps me to keep my gameplay consistent.

Nope, I always play alone, that’s why I find it strange. I cannot create multiple accounts without purchasing the game again, right?

you can use the steam family share to have multiple accounts. It’s quite easy. But you will need to download mods and set key’s shortcuts again.

Edit: everybody does that. It’s a way to step down the ladder to make gameplay more consistent. You should definitely try.
Also, ffs @sulyok5857 , you should definitely join a few discords and make friends to play together. Teamgames are much better when you have a consistent playgroup to play and laugh about it.

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You are right I should, thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

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TG elo was inflated due to a bug. If you play many games, then you could reach 2000+ while still sucking at this game.