Dedicated server

it’s the best update so far, reduced lag heavily (atlteast in the games i tested)

I agree with you.

Dedicated servers will reduce the lag.

ye I tried it and the result were noticable

Are servers online for this game?

@KindaMike11111 said:
Are servers online for this game?

No, but only when the host opt-in for that round.

And yes, I have tried 3 rounds being the server instead of P2P, and it is good overall.

If playing co-op against the AI can friends join a game in progress and take over one of your friendly AI members?

If someone is bumped offline in P2P or a dedicated server can they reconnect to a game in progress?

What’s the technically different when we enable “Dedicated Server” option? read this article

No idk what you guys are talking about there is no dedicated server for this game and never will be probably. They did add a feature that lets the host serve as the dedicated server for other players, which can help connection in game if the host has good connection to all players.

But there is no dedicated server from microsoft that you can connect to and get good ping always.

Well it was mentioned that game will run on dedicated Xbox servers, if i am not mistaken.
Does anyone knows will there be ded. servers…
If it stays as it is i am afraid lag will be present and lots of dropouts…
I hope we get for once good gameplay / no lag with this game.
By the way game is super, like it a lot…

Yes I concur that the game just needs to work with no drop outs/stuttering or crashes. Preferably with decent pathfinding (no stuck units).

People will get over other “missing” features. Or, they might even be added later, I hope this game does get ongoing support.

Right now it just needs consistent performance