Default key for fire galley and transport ship are both W

After laughing at Tim for making transport ships during Daut vs Tim hidden cup qualifier it happened to me today. I decided to start using the hot keys for docks since I began playing water maps thanks to DE. I check and see that it says W is the hot key for fire gallies… I grouped all my docks and began pressing W…

Instant gg when i realized i just made 3 transport ships from 3 docks against my opponents fire galleys


11 can happen.

Still does not explain why Slam made a trade cog

Oh yeah tim made a trade cog too not a transportship… nevermind that doesnt explain it. But still having default key be W for both is a really silly mistake for the devs

I thought everyone customized their own hotkeys. Now I feel special 11.
But yeah, I noticed it while i was changing mine. Silly mistake


well some hotkeys are changing to default while game is running. There are bugs right now

I’ve never had any of my custom hotkeys change during a game. And I’ve used multiple different sets of custom hotkeys, that I have tried out, until I got used to my latest set of hotkeys (I had been customizing them a lot due to all the new tech hotkeys).

I think he means one of the latest updates where the devs told us some of the keys had been set back to defaults.

Btw the problem isnt that you should set your own hot keys. I set a lot of my own anyway its just that I didnt set them for the docks and both units using W is really confusing

That didn’t affect dock hotkeys though. It was like 2 or 3 specific hotkeys and the devs said which ones… and it didn’t affect docks or dock units or techs.

Yes, after spamming S for fire galleys for years on HD, this felt odd at first but I’ve finally grown used to clicking V -> shift-WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Actually now I prefer that they are the same, cause now I can use hotkeys to buy upgrades.

This has been fine for me too - until one game where clicking V first did nothing and transport ships continued to be queued from multiple docks :frowning:

Actually it does… By default the hotkeys are Q,W,E and R but you have to press the more ships key to get to the next page where the same hotkeys are used again… Pressing E on the 2nd page would create cannon galleon.

you can always change the hotkeys. maybe use A,S,D,F after unbinding them from the tech upgrades.