Default locked Door

Please, add an option similar to “default agressive unit stance” for doors, like Locked/unlocked…
It’s stupid to quickwalling with a door and when it finishes automatically detect the vil in front and opens…

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Doors? You meant gates, i think?

Anything that buffs quickwalling = bad

Is not a buff, is like a not desire behavior. I’m no problem with reduce the gate hp, but if a builg one it is for stop enemy forward, not to invite him to enter…

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I’d prefer if you could lock a gate whilst it’s being build. Usually I’d want my gates open.


thats literally what the post says

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Quick walls are already powerful enough, having to pay attention should be a required minimum.

It is essencially what I’m suggesting here

I like this too…

No man, if you build the gate, and then move your vils but because of the pathfinding one of them cross the door is not my atrention’s fault.

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Then just lock the gate before tasking your vills to move?

How it didn’t come to my mind??? … :roll_eyes:

Please fix this s**t

They are pretty much a necessity if you don’t want to instantly lose against early melee (maa/scout) rushes.

But as for @Martinurello, maybe consider using other buildings for quickwalls…