Defeat Ming on "Le Loi: The Dai Viet Uprising"

Is there anybody who succeeded to defeat all Ming on the campaign “The Dai Viet Uprising”?
I know the objective is to defeat Ming Patrols’ Towers (not the Ming), but just curious if it is possible.

Lol, I’ll give it a try but don’t hold your breath.

I feel like it should be possible since the DE version was much easier than HD when I played it. And since then there’s been an additional nerf to the enemies in this mission in a recent patch, but I haven’t replayed it yet.

"Le Loi 1: ‘The Dai Viet Uprising’ Reduced the aggression of the Chinese AI based on community feedback." from Patch 34055

On a related note: There’s actually a voice line in the Cuman mission where you’re expected to knock out a Tatars player in Feudal Age if you manage to take out the Mongol Wonder. Now that is a challenge for Hard difficulty.

EDIT ~ Yeah it’s doable. I’ll post replay once it’s done

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Can use cheat 11 easy. 11

Replay on hard (gone after 30 days or next patch):

hey mate, i just managed to defeat the mongols at kalka river! it was easier than expected:)
The keys are following:

  1. slow speed and save/load (obviously)
  2. immediately go for sheep to save wood, and booooom until about 80 villagers
  3. defeat tatars (i mean, kill all vills and destroy both town centers) before they can even reach castle age (jabaiting their forces and fighting on hills, then destryoing the first town cetner, killing the gold miners, and finally camping at their berry bushes with kipchaks/cav archers, as well as killing lumberjacks with light cav and hunting wolf
  4. build your first castle at the central/northern crossing, so that it protects cuman tribes - they will defend the castle nicely!
  5. build 2 more castles on the hill right below that crossing, so you can protect your back, and wall off gallicia’s gate so that they wouldn’t trigger mongols(5) to attack and destroy them
  6. keep about 10-15 knights and steppe lancers to pick off enemy rams (herbal medicine is very useful to heal them)
  7. you can buy some castles to reate a “string” of castles from the western forest through to the first caste
  8. start deleting vills when you are ready until about 50 are left, then attack with about 6-8 rams, 7-8 monks (VERY IMPORTANT!!), a lot of skirms, kipchaks, knights and steppe lancers (some camels might be useful as well)
  9. proceed from the middle/northern crossing, destroy everything except from the castle (there are 2 siege workshops), bring 2-3 vills to build more buildings and repair rams, and buy another castle to pick off enemy forces (mangudai and units form kiev) nearby.
  10. go through enemy camps and kill all mongol units (player 5) and buildings, except for the wonder (subotai’s tent), and destroy the blacksmith
  11. proceed south where there is 2nd castle and third siege workshop, then attack south where is the final castle. of course, keep the castles still standing and build your castles in proximity to pick off mangudai.
  12. go back north and attack kiev and kill remainder of mongols (player 5), after they are dead, you are free to destroy the castles and subotai’s tent (each castle/wonder you destroy, gives player 5 extra 20 hitpoints and +1/+1 armor, so that’s why you should not destroy them at first)
  13. if you ran out of gold at any time, you can simly trade with gallicia!
  14. finish off the tatars after you’ve done clearing the mongols -> bear in mind though that only subotai (player 6) gets defeated after losing all units and buildings, mongols (5 and 7) stay “alive”
  15. congratulations! you’ve done it as well!

i’m attaching some save files so that you can inspect them, if you’d like:) (just rename the suffixes to aoe2spgame)BACKUP-1ST_ATTACK.aoe2record (1.6 MB) BACKUP-1ST_WORKSHOP.aoe2record (1.8 MB) BACKUP-2ND_WORKSHOP.aoe2record (1.9 MB) BACKUP-ALMOST_CASTLE.aoe2record (1.2 MB) BACKUP-JUST_CASTLES.aoe2record (2.0 MB) BACKUP-KOTYAN2-TATARS_DEAD.aoe2record (1.2 MB) BACKUP-KOTYAN-CASTLE.aoe2record (1.2 MB) BACKUP-PRE_WONDER.aoe2record (2.1 MB) KOTYAN-BACKUP-PRED_ATTACK.aoe2record (1.4 MB)

I did it in the HD, but not on DE.

Castles to protect your allies with about 5 elephants guarding them, overboom (then delete vills), and attack with elephants and about 7-10 monks:) you might bring some rams as well for the northwestern base. It’s pretty easy.