Defeating the Mongol Douche ft. Mitoe

For all 1v1 players who still play despite the mongol douche: Here is a video about Mitoe defeating TopKhan’s optimized Douche strategy. Since he only builds the palisade foundations, he could abort them to gain his wood back if he wanted.

Otherwise I’d suggest to just ALT+F4 when matching up against a mongol player 1v1 until devs fix this.


Top Khan isnt even the start of this. Winter did it too TopKhan a couple days ago after it was done to winter on ladder. It is very very broken and I havent played since it happened to me. Going to put down AoE4 until its fixed.

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It is a noooblsayer tactic.
Only nooobs fall to this.
Play the Art of War and try to understand the game!

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It’s a legit strategy, turns the game a bit silly tho (11), nothing that cannot be countered. Right now the town center pack/unpack/speed it’s too strong; that needs a fix ASAP!

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So what is your suggested counter?


So again we go to basics

  1. Delayed TC = less villagers.
  2. If you are stationary you must be producing villagers.
  3. You must send 1st 6 villagers far away from your TC to gather wood.
  4. Then build a granary to collect food
  5. Go for Gold
  6. Age up
  7. build barracks
  8. Build blacksmith
  9. buy siege upgrade or train light cavalry to chase the TC

If you try to collect resources around your TC when the Mongols TC rush that is total stupidity. You should be garrisoning and also trying to farm while he is not stationary so that way you can collect more food and building buildings around your tc so he don’t have enough place to build his TC.

Another easy counter is to do the same thing.
Pick the Mongols
purchase the mobility upgrade from Ovoo
And let the ger unpack and chase the Mongol TC and he cannot build his TC at all.


And what do you do when a skilled opponent who can multitask and scout at the same time as microing the TC near your original base finds your new locations and vrooms his racecar TC over to them before you’ve aged up?

This is ridiculous and has to be hotfixed!

Naah, he wont, bcse you are training vills before he comes, the scouts take long to come to your base.
By that time you will be trained some vills so he will think this guy knows TC rush so he garrisoned his units and what a noob xD. But really u are farming away.

You can see how many vills are garrisoned in the opponent’s TC, a skilled player will know there are villagers somewhere else and hunt them down.

Re the video of Mitoe winning, that’s a pretty poor execution by Top Khan, much worse than what Wintergaming was doing. The TC drop achieves almost nothing till he moves it to deny the woodline, but that came far too late. It mostly played out as a pretty standard game with a lot of early aggression with spears, which the better player won.

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Well, then the garrisoned units of the enemy should be invisible. That is a serious issue!

Would not help at all since you can just count the arrows the TC fires :slight_smile:

At least they wont know it instantly before they approach and would take damage or scout around it to find other units. Allowing to see enemy units garrisoned halts enemy to approach, that is the main issue

the strategy is clearly problematic for the game. Mitoe had to prepare for it without scouting, outplayed him at every turn (denied two outposts, sniped the khan, better micro etc,), and the game was still relatively close. Cheesy all-in strategies should be 1) scoutable, and 2) easy to counter when scouted early, and 3) economically crippling. This strategy has none of these trade-offs with the upside of ~80% free wins, so it’s gonna be a problem if they don’t fix it.


Again, like I said in another thread, not only the counter to this looks silly and ridiculous, but it is a strategy that is way too easy to pull off compared to how intricate it is to defend from it. Therefore it shouldnt be a valid strategy due to its broken nature. Most important, it ruins the game for lower skilled players.
Oh, and wait to see 2 mongol players in 1v1 doing this to each other, It turns the game into a complete clown show.

Subotai, you are acting like a child here with words like “noob” and the sorts. I would love to see you act so tough if I do this to you on the ladder. Please try to act more mature and understand the bigger issue.


It is out of question that the speed tech needs to be fixed and perhaps even moved to age 2, just wanted to point out that players do come up with ways to counter this. When devs finally fix this, the strategy will be so unattractive and not auto-win that we will see it only happening in rare occasions (like Rubenstock douches in AOE2).


I would love to see this. If the devs decided to adjust quick matches so that all Mongol players with short average game times are matched with other Mongol players with short average game time, then this would provide some solid entertainment and also make so other players don’t have to deal with it. Win-Win, problem solved!

I encountered this for the first time, and I was eager to try everything I gleaned from the forum and videos - but I forgot this crucial step. It was a bit frustrating to lose to this, but kind of exciting to face it in-game.

That being said, the Mongol TC rush seriously needs a fix and quick. It’s difficult to defend, and seems relatively easy to pull off.