Defenestration animation upon researching Hussite Reformation

Hello, I have a idea for the Bohemians :

Upon researching their imperial age unique technology Hussite Reformation, it would be a nice touch to have a defenestration animation on the castle in which the technology was researched, with a monk being thrown out of a window of the castle, to fall to his death. As an animation, it would not affect the game balance in the slightest, and I think it would be funny considering how powerful this tech is (making monks trash units, what can go wrong ?)

Would you like such a change ?


I support this idea. Defenestrate the priest!


sounds great, but who will pay for it?

there’s tons of nice to haves in the game but this is probably one of the least impactful ones, but still needs a fair amount of coding

how many players will sit and watch the castle when the tech is complete EVERY single match? like once off sure, twice maybe, three times starting to stretch it especially when you’re busy with something else…

now compare that to putting the effort into fixing servers or pathing or something that impacts everyone in almost every game?

(im going to copy/pasta this response every time i see someone give a recommendation that has little impact but requires a lot of work)

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I believe it was not a priest/monk that be thrown out. It was some government officials.

I like the idea anyway.


Then let’s use the merchant unit instead of the priest :smiley:

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Something related is already in the game, the old hunnic jingle plays when the Huns research Atheism.

Plus, it’s just one glorified unit death animation, and nowhere near as complex as the destruction of that very same castle. The amount of work required to make it wouldn’t compare to fixing the servers or whatnot.

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This would be fun for a hussites themed event along with an actual hussite skin for the halberdier.

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That would be great. Another event prize could be a personal icon of a monk smacking a Teutonic Knight over the head with his book.