Defensive building still prioritize enemy buildings over units!

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  • GAME BUILD #: 44834
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Read the title and watch the video.

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Please remove this from “Fixed” in Known Issues & Solutions – Age of Empires Support

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I think if you right click specifically to attack an enemy building, your castle doesn’t automatically prioritize units anymore (and I think that is intended behavior from the original game). It will re-auto prioritize if you select a unit instead.

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Not the case here. As you can see in the video, my castle (blue) first shoots a knight then auto switches to enemy’s castle.

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Thank you for the note! I’ve added this to a list for the team to review and discuss. A few questions for clarification:

  • Do you know if the Castle will reprioritize its target if it is attacked?
  • It used to be that Castles would maintain their attack on enemy structures if clicked; did you EVER click the enemy Castle as a target before the video? Did you click the Knights to attack, or did it auto-attack?

Let me know and I’ll make sure the notes are included. Thanks for the report!


I’m well aware that this should be intended behavior

No, IIRC. But even if I did, I must have right clicked enemy units (the knights) which cancels prior target.

So your theory is that my castle will always prioritize the enemy that’s attacking it, no matter it’s a building or unit? Now that the two castles are shooting at each other, my castle would ignore approaching units until it kills the enemy castle.

This makes sense (and might be the cause of the bug).

I did some tests. If I force my castle to attack units, it will for the moment kill all nearby targets first (whoever is closest). Then it begins to shoot the enemy castle and will ignore any units approaching even if it is being attacked by these units.

You could do more tests with my savegame. Hope it helps.


I have done some testing. (Also this bug report is missing steps of reproduction. As I have found out, the outcome depends heavily on what all clicks I perform.)
This is my setup.

  1. A player owned castle and an enemy barracks.
  2. An enemy gbeto under your castle.
  3. An enemy huskarl out of range. It is set to a trigger to walk in after 15 seconds have elapsed.

Now scenario 1: I don’t click anything.
My castle shoots down the gbeto. Then it shoots at the enemy barracks. When the huskarl walks in, it changes target to the huskarl. This is the expected result.

Scenario 2: I right click the gbeto at the very start.
Again my castle kills the gbeto and switches over to shooting at the enemy barracks. However this time the castle doesn’t switch target to the huskarl once it comes in range. It appears as if the castle remembers that you have right clicked something.

Scenario 3: I right click the barracks at the very start.
This time my castle attacks the enemy barracks ignoring both the gbeto and the huskarl. This is also the intended behaviour. Human commands need to be prioritized over automatic commands.

Scenario 4: I right click the gbeto at the very start. Also there is no enemy barracks at the start. It is created via triggers at the 10 second point.
My castle shoots down the gbeto and then waits idly for 8 seconds. Then it starts shooting at the enemy barracks once it appears. Then at 15 seconds, when the huskarl enters, my castle changes target and shoots the huskarl instead.

From this it appears to me that when the castle kills the gbeto, it finds a new target. However, if the gbeto was targeted with a human command, it carries over this behaviour to the next target as well. On the other hand if there were no targets, it goes back to automatic target searching mode which prioritizes units over buildings. Thus I can conclude that as long as there are enemies within range of a castle (or other defensive building), you giving one right click command at an enemy will cause the castle to consider each new target as a manually assigned command until all of them are dead.

Scenario 5: Same as scenario 2 but I right click something outside my castle range once it has acquired the enemy barracks as a target.
Castle kills gbeto and then shoots at enemy barracks. Clicking on a far away unit dispalys out of range error message and then continue shooting at enemy barracks. When huskarl comes in range, the castle switches over to shooting the huskarl instead. So right clicking a far away target also stops the castle from thinking that all new targets are manually assigned ones. I guess the same behaviour can be expected if the currently targeted unit walks out of range (but I haven’t tested this.)

In all these scenarios, making the huskarl attack the castle or making it just walk past creates no difference in the outcome.


Any plan to resolve this bug? @GMEvangelos

Look at how Warwolf’s mangonel walked into the range of Jacqueline’s castle, and the castle kept shooting the house until Jacqueline noticed. On a map like Slopes where you have so many places to pay attention to, this could be a game-swing disaster.

BTW is this page no longer being maintained? Known Issues & Solutions – Age of Empires Support It says “This page was last updated on February 16, 2020,” and still lists this bug as fixed.