Definitive Edition hotkeys are bugged back to AoK hotkeys

I was trying to use the default Definitive Edition hotkeys and all of a sudden I built an outpost instead of a house in a ranked match. Please bring back the AoE2DE hotkeys!!!

In the settings; AoK, AoC, and AoE2DE hotkeys seem to be the exact same. AoE2 DE had a very nice grid system using QQ to build a house. Now all of them are randomly changed which is absolutely frustrating!

For me the AoE2 hotkeys are all of a sudden the same as AoC and AoK, so it’s really frustrating to play any sort of game right now…

Please fix this ASAP!


was trying to reset the hotkey and I face the same issue trying to use the DE as the based hotkey…

I have the same problems

Same here - It won’t reset the military unit or villager build tabs for me, they turn out AOK for me too.

yep im getting same issue here. likely similar problem that is affecting mods with hotkeys in strings and the market hotkeys.

same problem for me too, is the only solution just to manually change the hotkeys then?

Hello, this is luckily already tracked issue, thanks for the report nonetheless.
Have a nice day.

After further inspection, I found that the only hotkeys that get messed up are the “Villager Build” hotkeys. After realizing this, I just asked my buddy to read off the list and I copied his working set of hotkeys. My hotkeys now work totally fine

Here is a link to an image for the correct hotkeys for “Villager Build”, hope this fixes it for you guys.