Dehli 20 scholars in Madrasa Achievement not working

I tried to complete the Achievement for having 20 scholars garrisoned in Madrasa’s and it didn’t work. Is this a known issue or am I just missing something. I did it in a 1v1 skirmish vs. a hard AI and won a landmark victory after getting to 20 scholars. Does it need to be in multiplayer or something or is it just broken?

Hej Layh,

A couple things:
This question doesn’t belong here, you are in the bug report forum.
All masteries work fine, you just need to read carefully.

You need to … RESEARCH … 20 technologies INFLUENCED by the mosque or madrasas.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

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Ah ha, so I was just missing something, thanks for the help!


it does belong here since it is a bug…


someone else needs to read carefully…


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Lol, you are right.

But achievements aren’t bugged either.

Alright, i try again.

You said you went to 20 scholars and then won.

Did you garizon them in the madrassa?
(Not in monastries).

That was it, I didn’t read carefully enough and had them in monasteries. I figured that out shortly after your first reply. Thanks though, sorted it out.

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