Dehli Bugs and wrong descriptions

I’ve just tested around a little, here’s what i found:
Honed Blades wrongly placed for Imperial Age. Viable already in Castle Age
Madrasa: Incendiary Arrows, Elite Army Tactics: Have Gold, Wood and Food costs listed

Wrong descriptions:
House of Learning: Tranquil Venue: Units heal ONLY while out of combat for atleast 5 Seconds.
Stable: Armored Beasts: Tech grants +3/+3 to War Elefants Only. Claims +2/+2 for both War Elefants and Tower War Elefants
Influence Buff: Falsely claims a technology speed boost of 12.5% per Scholar. Real Value around 20%
Explosive Dhow: Listed damage: 500; Real Damage (in close proximity explosions): 1000 (Actually can 1shot Hulks, thanks for this)

Not working:
Blacksmith: Steeled Arrow, Balanced Projectiles, Platecutter: Neither of those techs grant any damage to Archer/Crossbow attack of Tower War Elefants
Madrasa: Incendiary Arrows: Also doesn’t grant damage boost to Tower War Elefants

Keep: Springald Emplacement and Cannon Emplacement: Both Upgrades are affected by research speed bonus of Scholars
Hisar Academy: First technology researched does not count for resource generation, leading to an overall underproduction of 10 food per minute.
Hisar Academy: (Did not replicate in a 2nd game, yet): After hitting the maximum number of technologies on a map without water (62) The food gain was reset to 10 food per minute instead of 610!!!
Influence Buff: unconnected Influence Zones still yield the bonus on research speed

Bonus: I would appreciate a change for target KI of Tower War Elefants while attackmoving on siege, that the mounted archers/crossbows do not attack the siege but the surrounding units (just like attacking buildings)

The archers on top of the elephants should attack surrounding units since crossbow bolts don’t do much damage to buildings anyway. They are better off shooting other things such as units that are trying to kill the elephants etc…

Little clarity on the Keep bug: the Springald and Cannon upgrade both have the Delhi penalty, but still cost resources. Please remove resource requirement or remove the penalty.

Nm, already covered above