Delete button not working?!

I play Abbasids:

  • When I want to destroy my wall, some parts cannot be destroyed (for no apparent reason: wall alone without units on it)
  • Also when i want to remove my scout it goes to 0pv but doesn’t die
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Thank you for the report @NeirdNeirdaa. The Scout issue is known. However, can you give me more info about the Wall problem? Were you able to select it and not delete? Or could you select it and hold delete and it just wouldn’t go away? What part of the wall was it? Were any towers attached? Do you have a screenshot? Anything else you can tell me?

One thing to note: You are unable to delete walls if the enemy is nearby.

Appreciate it!

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Is the knight too close to the wall? if so, the area of influence of enemy units should be reduced, that’s too much…
On the first image, I can select my wall (red) but it doesn’t want to destroy itself.
In the second image, my friend (blue) can destroy his entire wall except the remaining small piece