Delete Gurjaras temporarily from the game until they fix them?

the winrate from Gurjaras is out of this world and their units overwhelm everything (while also costing less food with the unique tech :open_mouth:)
its a common thing to do in the video game branche to temporarily remove things when they are broken and not working as intended. why shouldn’t this happen in AoE II as well?

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I wonder, how much the Gurjaras Win Rate is affected because the most played civ are Mongols, Franks, Mayans, Hindustanis, Britons, Lithuanians and Magyars? Pretty much a smooth counter of those civs


Not a good idea if you ask me

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From Multiplayer, alongside with Hindustanis they should be banned globally.

If you play vs an equally skilled player, 90% you lose against Gurjaras.

Out of the 10 games I played as Gurjaras in 1v1-s at ~1700 elo, I lost 2: One against a guy who was higher rated and another who sent his whole village to lame and vill fight.


This is a silly proposal on several levels - let’s just take the practical one: If devs are not going to bother to make more than a couple minor tweaks to an obviously OP civ, they’re not going to bother with something like “deleting a civ” and trying to balance it in a vacuum.

8/10 for hyperbole, although I kind of don’t blame you. Very annoying to face up against this civ and its (still) OP UUs. Here’s hoping for another crack at rebalancing very, very soon.


Hindustanis after halb removal and ghulam nerf are fine.

I would rather remove Mayans

Btw I beated Gurjaras with Chinese days ago.


I think it is actually quite good. You need to propose something unrealistic so that the crowd will suggest a moderate plan to solve the issue


Make gurjajas mills like houses, max 5 pop so they cant put 8 or even 10 into 1mill. Needs to build another mill if he wants more sheeps garrisoned. Mounted bonus dmg nerf to 25 or 33% and the unit reduced food cost also -5% on UT.


just another symptom of the actual problem (letting you change civs after seeing the map)

you can just ban all water or have the map revealed before civ selection, and then get to pick a civ that’s is shoehorned into a mill opening with zero risk and zero disadvantage

should also delete spain from the game because you can pick them after seeing the map is nomad
and japan from the game because you can pick them after seeing the map has private fishing lakes
where does it end? delete every civ except byzantines/sicilians?

Its not even the highest overall winrate anymore. Latest patch stats show higher winrates for Hindustanis, Franks for 1200-1600 elo and Hindustanis, Berbers for 1600+ overall. Only on Arabia 1600+ they’re highest and have a 0.5% lead over the next civs.

As far as multiplayer goes, the deadliest civs still are Britons and Franks. They’re picked 2x more often than any other civ. Atleast Gurjaras are deadly because of their elephant siege, Hindustanis are very normal in TG. Great camels but no extra p,armor or anything to handle archers.


Tbf I was checking and the 40% more bonus damage makes the Gurjara Camels equal to Malian camels vs cavalry, so I think the bonus on camels is fine, however unlike Farimba, is free and applies on castle age and in conjunction with the other bonuses is too much, and where is truly broken is on their armored eles on castle age.

So I think redistributing their power (Frontier Guards melee armor turned into a civ bonus and the 40% bonus damage to the UT) is the way to nerf them.


The most problematic aspect of this idea is that the expansion costs money. I know it goes both ways, but people are paying for that civilization.


According to steamdb the sales and the owners of the india dlc has been the lowest ever, it seems that the real majority didn’t like the latest content, first sign to stop adding civs with gimmick mechanics or broken bonus, hindustanis and gurjaras will remain OP for 6 years at least(based on previous indian camel nerf which took 6 years to be fixed)…with such biased balance team in charge i don’t see them balancing or fixing those poorly designed civs anytime soon.

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Without pay to win this game cannot be survived. It is the necessary evil

Laptops oft have issues with its heightened video requirements.

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Probably because it is the newest one.


And as far as i can tell never had a,sale.

N2m whoecer bought aoe4 got the 2nd dlc free