Deleting your own building counts as razing

I accidentally built a mining camp on my wood line. I deleted it so I could build a proper lumber camp.

The game ended very shortly afterwards, as an opponent dropped, causing the other two opponents (in a 3v3) to resign. This was all in dark age and I had not even scouted my opponent, let alone damaged them. In the postgame stats, it said I had “1” for “buildings razed”.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Build a building
  2. Select building and hold delete
  3. Exit to postgame stats
  4. Observe that it says “1 building razed”

Expected behaviour

Only buildings which were destroyed by your own units should count as buildings razed. Your own buildings that you delete should not count.


Thanks @ZagorathAus! I’ll get this logged so we can track it internally. Appreciate it!