Delhi extra gold for sacred sites moved to Castle

I like the uniqueness of Delhi with Sacred Sites, but I think that having both the ability to capture them in an earlier age (Feudal instead of Castle) AND at the same time getting double gold for it, makes it too preponderant as an strategy.

In Feudal that incredible influx of gold makes it very difficult to overcome, forcing every oponent to stop it at all costs every game, reducing variability.

I think that this can be solved while retaining the core points just by separting the 200% gold production tech and making it only available in Castle Age.

What do you think?


I agree.

Fixing the civilization bugs, military units building walls 50-75% slower and Sacred Sites in Delhi generating 100g/s in Feudal and 200g/s in Castles seems like a good option to me.


I think that would be too harsh, the dev prolly love more softer approach like no extra scholar for the first mosque and reduce the starting bonus wood.

Anyway the sacret site already come at the late Feudal imo, but agree that may be the infantry should take more time to build wall. Same applies to Abbasid and Mongol building field Mangonel and Springel

As a Delhi only player with a bias toward winning as Delhi, especially against English players that don’t rush my match control, I can agree that Sacred Sites are a rather useful part of my daily game or two, along with my infantry being able to put up a few walls to save my workers from walking miles away from important resources.

I would gladly give up some seconds for super wall spam to retain my Feudal Sacred Sites, but I’d also rather have the nerf done to something that didn’t actually affect my ability to win as easily.

To nerf Delhi, we don’t necessarily have to nerf its sacred sites. We can make the base tech research rate for Delhi in feudal a bit slower while making imp research faster (they are too slow now).
Also, reduce the cost of eco techs, so other civs can pick them up earlier.
Lastly, we can make the boars spawn closer to the start locations of the players, and maybe make it possible to lure the boars. This can partially negate the 1tc eco lead of Delhi.

I think the most OP part of Delhi isn’t the Sacred sites gold rush, but the sheer force of double production able to overwhelm his opponent at the age 3 push.

3 Barracks with a stable at age 3 timing, sounds normal, but actually it is equal to 6 barracks with 2 stables, with multiple blacksmith and landmark getting free upgrades, you just cannot have enough crossbows / MAA troops to counter the MMA and elephant swarm, if your age 3 being one minute delay than Delhi it is basically gameover. Funny that even OP Mongols with ovoo stone still cannot compete with this push. If Delhi even using Compound of Defender and spamming stone tower at your production infrastructure, it is nailed to the coffin.

Delhi IS MORE OP then Mongoles. its going to be the new OP civ when Mongoles are nerfed to China tier.