Delhi free keep emplacement bonus not working

Under Frontier Fortifications in the Delhi tree, “Keeps gain access to a free weapon emplacement once constructed.” This does not seem to work, springald and cannon still have the normal cost for keeps. I did not have Compound of the Defender landmark when testing this, for reference.

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Where is this upgrade? I am not seeing it in the game? Like what building?

Thanks @enept1679! I believe that is a bonus that should not be there, but I’ll log it so the team can check it out. Thanks!

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Frontier Fortifications: Keeps gain access to free weapon emplacement once constructed?? Any idea about that? From now on Delhi keeps are same as other keeps, nothing is free

Where are people seeing this? I have not read that on any buildings or techs in game?

My issue is not with stone cost, but the upgrade speed as the emplacements seem to be treated as research.

Yeah this is true, since they counted as research, whe are forced to build a mosque whith a keep to get the emplacements -_-.

Feel this bonus mean automatic upgrade the best one emplacement when constructed

I’ve never noticed the second part of this bonus for the Delhi. But I can assure you, it doesn’t work. Not only it doesn’t give you any emplacement for free, but it also doesn’t shave off the cost of those emplacements, and what’s worse, it even increases the time it takes to research them!

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This is surely a Big Bug.

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Thanks, all! We’re aware of this erroneous text!