Delhi inspired mechanic for Mongols

Before you kill me, this post is not an actual suggestion but I like to discuss possible mechanics and its intended and unintended consequences.

Now, the idea is simple. The Mongol main TC (or Ovoo) has an influence area which can be expanded, obviously. Outside this influence, mongol buildings are built slower, like Delhi techs. What do I want to achieve with this?

  • Mongol nomadic gameplay is rewarded. There would be a main base around the initial TC. For mongols to expand, they would need either to build their buildings near this base and then transport them across the map or either move the entire base. I read somewhere that devs were looking for ways to reward the nomadic system so this is why I thought about this.
  • More spatial planning. The infuence system was a nice addition to the series and adds a strategic layer.
  • Defense and offense are decoupled. Currently is difficult to nerf the outposts/Yam network for offence without affecting the only defense mongols have, due to the lack of walls and keeps.
  • Mongols are nerfed, without ruining their identity (even enhancing it, according to point 1).

Obviously there would be unintended consequences, but anyone think a mechanic like this is viable?

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I like the nomadic idea you have there. i wouldn’t mind seeing that being in a sooner patch. I have been in plenty of matches in which Mongols were the best players on the map. Just the other night I had a Mongol rush me and move his entire base outside mine. All while we fought over the sacred sites. I haven’t went back to watch the replay to see just how he had the income of wood to build up as much as he did, but it has become clear that Mongols are an offensive civ. with that stated I have played them in a lot of crazy matches in which I kept my city moving around the map while all my teammates were out of the game in order to give me enough time to kill the other team. I don’t necessarily believe their defense needs any tuning. I believe those players should try to be more offensive with that civ.