Delhi is dead

this civ. have many bug(especially for upgrades).no one play delhi


I play Delhi.

What we consider bugs with upgrades could be intentional for them to see how they perform. A band-aid if you will, because Delhi is still a strong civ with what we consider a bug or not working.

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If you want to watch a pro still playing Delhi, check out Beastyqt. He still has good success on the civ. It’s actually like an A tier civ on a couple of the hybrid maps -danube, ancient spires, possibly nagari.

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only 4/8 civ are playable. you should get a rest from the game. too buggy for its own good

I have been winning all the maps I been playing Delhi on, but for some reason people still massing springalds into elephants and its not working out for them.

playable is a strong word. I mostly only play HRE and I have a lot of fun and solid success with them. FC knights is actually reasonably viable I think

abba bugs, hre getting rekt by other civs that does much better, same with english, delhi being un meta (if my mind remenebers)

Delhi is the civ with like 20 bugs many critical to there mechanics. They are still strong on a couple hybrid maps because the archer fishing boat basically. But on most maps Delhi is like F tier.

Stop calling fishing boats op. They will nerf them if word gets out.

Maybe, Delhi was S tier on ancient spires and a couple maps before. Fishing boats are no more op than mongols double spears tbh, and it’s all Delhi really has. Ironically English water has come up as the counter to Delhi water since if you try to forward dock the English, they can have vills shore fishing.

So increasing the research time of castle techs by garrisoning scholars is intended?

Or how about having to micro your scholars when they heal, because they don’t switch targets automatically?
I mean, that sounds like a good civ specific feature.

Or what about the fact that the Delhi spearman don’t brace vs cavalry?

OH! I know. Tower Elephants are so strong, that your damage upgrades shouldn’t affect them. That’s a balance decision.

Also, don’t build the Hisar Academy if you plan on getting Honed Blades. The +3/+3 after 22mins research is so strong that the correct balance fix for this is to remove the food production from the landmark.

Zeal is too powerful a well, so they decided to just make the buff not work. That seems correct by this logic.

Just because you can play and win with the civ, doesn’t mean the bugs don’t ruin the experience.

Part of getting tech is seeing the tech in action and part of having unique landmarks and techs is to have unique strategies and builds.

You can’t do that with the current Delhi.

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I am aware of the bugs, which are the reason Beastyqt put Delhi in B tier instead of A tier.