Delhi Mosques not boosting keep research

I had many mosques (5ish) fully staffed with Scholars. They were all connected and should’ve been boosting research, but Village Fortresses/Boiling oil research times in my connected keep was 30+ minutes. Blacksmith/other buildings still had quick research times, but the keep’s research speed slowed instead of boosting with my network of mosques. This happened in a 4v4 coop vs AI game with some friends. Pretty weird, please fix! This only happened after the latest update.


Oh! I made the same post just now. I also added some pictures! It seems that for the keep the mosques are actually INCREASING research times!


Yep, this is definitely problematic because the only other way I can think to play them with the sanctity nerf is to go castle boom! This should be a high priority because it hinders 1 of the remaining Delhi perks.

Just stop playing Delhi dude. The devs clearly don’t want you to play them and it shows.


the university is increasing the research timers and the keeps do work they are just really long upgrades to get, meant to use university to shorten them, didn’t use it at all pre-patch.

I experienced the same. The keep upgrades are increased in time for every scholar instead of lowered

Experiencing same scholars increase keep upgrade time.

Elephant go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Testing this in a custom game with unlimited resources in Imperial Age (IV), with some results below. It looks like this might be specific to some technologies - maybe age 3/4?

Research time for Sanctity with n scholars

  • 0 Scholars garrisoned - 5m (300s)
  • 1 Scholars garrisoned - 4m 25s (465s)
  • 2 Scholars garrisoned - 3m 55s (235s)
  • 3 Scholars garrisoned - 3m 29s (209s)
  • 25 Scholars garrisoned - 30s
  • 26 Scholars garrisoned - 29s
  • 27 Scholars garrisoned - 28s (interestingly every scholar over 25 decreases time by 1s)

Research time for Zeal with n scholars

  • 0 Scholars garrisoned - 22m 30s
  • 1 Scholars garrisoned - 19m 56s
  • 2 Scholars garrisoned - 17m 41s

Research time for Boiling Oil with n scholars

  • 0 Scholars garrisoned - 5m 0s
  • 1 Scholars garrisoned - 5m 38s
  • 2 Scholars garrisoned - 6m 21s
  • 3 Scholars garrisoned - 7m 9s

It looks like there may be a few techs like this that are reversed (maybe just missing a negative symbol?). My testing in imperial age, it looks like these are the impacted technologies:

  • Boiling Oil
  • Slow-Burning Defenses
  • Village Fortress

Testing with 42 Scholars is hilarious. It looks like these might only be the Keep techs. I started in imperial age w/ max resources - but noticed the same issue popping up in a Skirmish via Hard AI. Noting, with those 42 scholars - research time for boiling oil was >70 minutes, and slow burning was 53+ minutes.