Delhi on standard maps

Are there any guides on how to efficiently counter Mongols/Rus as Delhi on standard maps? I watch a few streamers that play Delhi, but it’s sort of difficult to pick up and apply that type & level of information in game if it doesn’t come with an explanation.

I’m not particularly experienced with Delhi, or with AoE4 at the moment, so any help is most appreciated.

Well I guess if you’re not so experienced then I guess you shouldn’t be looking for specific match-up advice but rather find a build order on the tube somewhere and see how quickly you can match their age-ups or other timing they are going for.

As for countering Rus and Mon, as far as I know that’s only a thing on mixed maps (so where there are rivers for a dock and fishing ships)
But what I see people doing on those maps is: open up with an extra scout, send 1 vil to the river to build the docks, send 3-4 vils to food and the rest to wood. The second scout is there so you have 2 scouts to harras the enemy vil who is making a dock. Or you can keep your own dock building vil safe with them. Then you keep building fishing boats until you have 6-8 of them, they can shoot arrows so use them to harras where possible, deny enemy towers being build etc.

That being said… Go Ram rush with the English. It’s pretty effective in the lower elo’s, noob friendly to pull off and will teach you solid mechanics for tackling the other civs as well.