Delhi Sacred Site nerf

I am a bit gobsmacked why Delhi Sultanate got Sanctity moved to Feudal Age. I assumed that’s the unique trait of Delhi and an essential core feature of this civ. Being able to take SS in early Feudal Age gave the Delhi the necessary balance to compete with strong early civs like France or English. With a total removal of SS on the map Black Forest and removing the taking before middle or late feudal age makes me doubt Delhi playstyle. Feels like it’s in a huge disadvantage now without the gold income. I doubt care SS as winning conditions but as gold income to afford scholars. Early tech doesn’t seem expensive enough to balance out the additional expenditure for scholars.

Not sure but feels like a core feature was just taken from Delhi.

Yes they got buffed in dark and feudal age research wise but nerfed in imperial age. The reason to have a lot of priests was to take SS with the removed core feature it’s way less seductive to build priests except to tech in imperial. The result is to have 20 scholars hang out in mosques?

I am puzzled can I have a insight why the devs decided to nerf Delhi, I didn’t feel like taking SS is a mayor concern currently, maybe annoting, but so is Longbowmen Rush or Royal Knights charging my villagers out of existence.

:question:Also question, with the buff/nerf tech system…does it mean I should preferably research all techs the age the are available. Example, if I don’t research Horned Blades in castle age with a 5x multiplier, I’ll have the deal with the 15x multiplier in imperial age for this particular tech?. :scream:


“I am a bit gobsmacked why Delhi Sultanate got Sanctity moved to Feudal Age”

I think, from just a players perspective, maybe they thought sanctity on 3x instead of 5x was too strong (that would have resulted in it being active by around 3 mins (My math may be a bit off) which would’ve been too fast for feudal civs to counter effectively, without investing significant early resources for it.
but that is easily answered by just increasing the time to research it to compensate. So it may have been they didn’t want people dark age rushing sacred sites.

This really did come out of left field on the Delhi sanctity nerf. It was a really interesting way to proxy war with your opponent. it still is, but significantly slower. Now even with fast feudal it’ll be 2-3 minutes behind where it was.

Delhi is crap, the most bottom tier can’t even win against sheeps. They were already bottm tier, now Delhi is non existent.

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I wouldn’t be as worried with the change and core Delphi feature if they hadn’t removed Sacred Sites totally on a map like Black Forest.

That makes me feel like Delhi wasn’t designed around that feature in early game to compete with other civs.

Guess the wound is fresh yet and I am emotionally shakenn. :pleading_face:

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The delhi change is very odd considering they are a kind of weak civ overall even with sacred site techs. Even taking the sites early it was very hard to hold more than 1 for any significant amount of time unless your opponent was very passive…

To answer OP’s question though: no, old techs you didnt get dont have their time increased when you age up. That said many techs are currently bugged and have the wrong multipliers applied to them, and some even supposedly increase in research time as you add scholars.

It’s also very unclear and confusing how much a scholar is supposed to reduce research time now. It seems to be a percentage from the old system so 10 will still reduce 5x to 1x, and 30 will reduce 15x to 1x (approximately) for example. so maybe 6 and 7 for 3x and 3.5x??? Resource wise you are still saving quite a bit but 30 scholars is a ton of pop space for a unit that has very little value else wise.

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delhi needs real power that’s not reliant on the opponents falling asleep on their keyboard. if the sites are treated as necessary income, then they’re creating a civ that cannot play on most of the maps (especially larger ones in teamgames). even on a smaller 1v1 map, if the opponent gets a fast civ like england they can basically deny the site with 100% success rate

speeding up the researches is a step in the right direction

the main thing missing is a unit worth making, especially against the boring siege play. they have nothing in feudal. nothing in castle that can touch a siege unit. and they can’t even upgrade to an imperial army

Yeah , one of the other problems . Here are we discussing it if you want to hop on in the conversation French are OP , BUT YOU NERF DELHI?

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as a Delhi main, I just went and played as abbasid for the first time and omg, each tech researched almost immediately, and they weren’t very costly until imperial techs. The time it takes 5 villagers to earn the food and gold for each tech is like 10 seconds, yet Delhi players are supposed to think it is some great gift to get “free” techs, so it should take 10 literal in game real life minutes to get the tech when it takes any other civ 15-30 seconds to earn the cash and just buy the tech and have it researched in 1m 30 sec.

Outrageous, it was already unfair to Delhi how it was, and now it’s 10X as bad.

Why did any of us ever play Delhi to begin with? Because it’s an interesting civ, it was exciting to rush out and claim a sacred site right before or as feudal age began, and try to hold onto it, getting 600gold/minute for all 3, and now we can’t claim those sites for at least another 5-6 minutes, meaning this nerf also took from us 6 x 600gold=3,600 gold, from virtually every Delhi civ player. That’s in addition to making it harder to get and keep them from all the other civs which now have 5-10 extra advance minutes to build up a force and prevent us from getting the sites. It’s not like we have some great units in feudal age to go take them by force, our military units are weak af until castle age, when we finally get MAA, elephants, crossbow, lancer.

Surviving until castle was always the challenge for Delhi vs English, rus, French, mongol, all the aggressive civs, and how were we supposed to that: well we could make a market and trade some of our sacred site gold for wood and food and make spearmen, and start paying gold for scholars.

Now that $3600 is gone, they ripped the carpet out from under Delhi. It’s a shame because their civ is more interesting than a lot of the others due to it’s different way to win.

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Well if you got all 3 sacred sites you generally won because of that 600 gold per minute. But without at least one you’d lose to any feudal age civ going for a ram push or the like almost every time. Before sanctity first was discovered the civ was considered the worst one, why did they think delaying sanctity by 4 minutes wouldn’t absolutely destroy them?

I played Delhi for the entirely different approach (time management instead of resource management concerning research) and elephants, I find it weird that they got reduced to a sacred site rushing civ by the community/meta. Devs really need to balance them out of that position, they were an one trick pony.

That strategy also relies on the enemy being asleep, that doesn’t always work.

This change has to be some kind of a mistake. There’s literally 0% ANYONE would thought that could be a good idea in any way shape or form.
Delhi would be better off just having to pay for the upgrades like any other civ does. Now it’s a forced gimmick without much pros that forces you to a scholar spam if you want to have any of those imperial techs.

Removing core feature like sacred sites from the mostly turtled map says a lot about their knowledge about their own game.

Tested it: No, tech times don’t increase when you age up, so your castle age tech will still have a castle multiplier applied to it in imperial.

There is a “bug” though: Since honed blades is listed as an imperial tech in the tech tree, the tech has a 15x multiplier applied to it. While the other castle techs in the house of learning take 2-5 minutes without scholars, honed blades takes 22 minutes!

It shows the balance team did increase the tech times just looking at the tech tree, not knowing that honed blades is available earlier…

It should be treated as a castle tech and the multiplier therefore reduced.

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I am - as mentioned here before or in another thread - not that concerned about removing sacred sites as a tool of pressure relating to win condition, I honestly thought it’s their core feature to create pressure, pressure by getting gold and forcing the enemy to intervene if he didn’t want me to use my previously gold digging villagers in some other way.

Now that sacred site moved to middle feudal erliest (after the tech got researched) means still Delhi is the only to take it before castle age, so I could live with that. Remarking that it wasn’t ever easy, it required skill to get and keep your sacred site.

But now entering imperial age and as DGPstudios proofed empirically - 22 minutes !!!by design!!! to get an imperial tech? What is this huge Delhi advantage in dark and feudal to justify this 15x muliplier?

I will try playing them today, with the hope now that efficient production is finished sooner, I will be able to plop out spearmen and archers to put the enemy under pressure and carve out some advantages before the game reaches imperial age.

Absolutely. Not only that, it was the most unique trait, a very interesting element of gameplay, and 100% easily counterable.

First time the worst civ is the most nerfed. They’ve totally butchered Delhi. Outrageous. Criminal. Racist even I’d dare to say.

Should have just required feudal age to actually cap the sacred sites. Not delay the research to feudal. If they’re going to keep it in feudal they need to further reduce the research time.