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BUT WHY? DELHI WASNT OP AND YOU GUYS NERF THEM? but france is BROKEN AS hell and they dont get PATCHED?

WHAT IS HAPPENING? i love this game and i love DELHI but at this point its imposible to have fun with this civ , #BringMeBackDelhi

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I do like the new rebalance Delhi has but I don’t like that in imperial age it takes x15 times that it was .

My opinion on how this could be fixed .

Early Game

Everything cost 4 minutes to produce early techs but if you have scholars then it took less .

Late Game

All techs last 10 minutes without scholars or even more. Then with scholars maybe last 2 or 3 minutes.

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That has to be a bug.

yea but delhi is ■■■■■■ in this moment , 9 scholars to do a 5 minute imperial tech


Have you read the patch notes? They said that they have reduced times of technologies at dark and feudal ages, castle stays de same and then imperial is 15x times more. At imperial age you should have enough scholars so that time is not 46 min, but with this you are gettin the dark and feudal age buffed, and they needed it.


delhi was a good civ and now its nerfed. Delhi didnt need a nerf. that is my point

At the start you dont have that many acholars so is logical, at imperial if you dont have 9 scholar, that’s basically you are not playing them well


Delhi had close to no options in the early game, so them rebalancing early game was needed.
Also since you are not so far behind tech wise now, you will have more time to research tech in their specific age.
In imp you have to build more scholars now and prioritize your tech order instead of mindlessly researching everything at once, making the research mechanic entirely pointless in the late game.


Delhi has been buffed. Reduced time in dark and feudal is a buff, it’s when you make eco difference. In imperial you should have 4 or 5 mosques and research normally.


yes but buffing them in dark age and making them HORRIBLE in imperial age isnt a good deal neither lol.


5 full mosques don’t make you research normally, you still take 3+ minutes per tech. Please check things yourself before claiming that there’s a buff. Delhi does not have age 4 anymore.


listen , its better for you guys to enter discord and understand why i am here . open your eyes. its not a buff , its a nerf.

buffing them in early game and making them horrible in late game isnt a buff . and when we got english and france being BROKEN AS F in late game and in castle age and then nerfing delhi its not funny.


What are you talking about? They are not making them horrible at imperial, at imperial you will have scholars and you will continue getting FREE techs in an appropiatr time, which is the whole point of the civ, getting buffed at dark and feudal age is really what they needed as they were so slow they couldn’t handle early agressions


When you have FREE tecs, take longer to research it’s necessary.


You don’t understand what you are talking about. If you can’t access the techs from aging up right away you are basically behind your enemy’s army. There’s no other reason to age up and delhi’s landmarks are pretty bad too.

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Every pro player already agree delhi is super nerfed. But I guess you randoms know better.


6 minutes with 9 scholars.

good deal …

when english can make their techs faster and doesnt affect their economy

  1. Build more mosques
  2. prioritize what techs you need
  3. You realize your tech is FREE while everyone else has to spend huge amounts of resources into imp upgrades? If they did not rebalance the late game, Delhi would have been OP.

We can argue that a x15 multiplier is too high, we will see once meta adapts.


early age tech upgrades dont have any impact as number of villagers is too low to make a difference. delhi’s only game plan was to capture sacred sites early and get some gold income to make stuff or transition to castle. now thats gone. in 3v3 or 4v4 delhi could reach imperial and play at par with other civs, but now it has to wait for 15x longer for tech to come in. elephants cost a lot pop and are not good at all on top of that you need more scholars. its game over for delhi mate. there is nothing that is going to help it. the landmark bugs of tower of victory and the imperial food landmark not giving right amount of food is still there and not fixed.

basically they nerfed whatever little way of play delhi had by moving sanctity to age 2.


im not a pro and i agree , they are ■■■■■■.

free means nothing if it takes 45 minutes. even with scholars it will take a long time, no games last that long.