Delhi should be fixed ASAP

The changes in the last large patch not only nerfed Delhi by removing one of their core strategy, but also introduced a lot of bugs.
There is even a video that made a tier list with most of them.

I’m not asking for balance changes now but for bugs fixing , it is impossible to determine the balance state of the civ with so many bugs.

Also we need more clarity on the scholar system. ¿How is measured the improvement of each scholar?
We need consistency of the research time on all techs and also landmarks should do what they say (Tower of victory)

For me Delhi is my fav civ and i won’t play the game untill most of their bugs are fixed.


Second this so much. I haven’t played a multiplayer game since they added even more bugs to Delhi. At least the bugs were manageable before the update. Just did masteries for a couple days, and then I got bored, and now I just don’t log on.

I willingly sign up and play alpha and betas of games quite frequently. I did not intend to sign up to play a beta when I bought this game and I am disappointed. To be quite frank there are more bugs in this game than many games I’ve played that are advertised as betas. Disappointing.

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