Delhi still broken in many of the same ways as before

Tower of Victory about 15% attack speed STILL doesnt work on men-at-arms
Hisar Academy STILL has the food bug when honing blade is researched?
Tower Elephants STILL do not get attack upgrades from blacksmith nor incendiary arrows
the imperial upgrade Zeal STILL doesn’t work on mounted units.

Lets start this bug thread again; then we can make a bug report per common issue.


Were any of these listed as fixed in the patch notes…? I don’t think its useful to open duplicate bug reports on longstanding, oft mentioned bugs, I’m sure the devs are aware, and there’s still a mega-list of Delhi bugs here on the forum as well.


List of 20 Delhi bugs, they fixed only 2. Wair for 2023 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I believe they fixed arguably the 2 most pressing bugs facing the Delhi as far as playability goes, aside from the Elephants not receiving the proper buffs, and I think all of the research time bugs got fixed. The other bugs are with landmarks that at the moment really aren’t that viable anyway compared to their counterparts, and I think the brace and the keep tech times fill some pretty big holes in Delhi’s gameplay, plus sanctity and honed blades being adjusted/fixed. I think Delhi will perform pretty well in the mean time.

I don’t disagree that it appears what they claimed they fixed IS FIXED