Delhi sultanate civ strength/focus is insulting

The civ focus seems to be ‘technological innovation’, scholars/research etc. But the Delhi sultanate is historically notorious for looting and destroying temples and universities… how does this make sense? Seems like an insult.


Seems weird if you put it like that.

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Well we don’t know if they have another focus that hasn’t been revealed yet, but if there isn’t then your right

The focus on technological innovation is clearly a nod to the islamic golden age, whilst the Delhi sultanate certainly destroyed many Hindu or Buddhist temples/universities. these were replaced with mosques, where the same scholarship would occur, just under the islamic umbrella.

While your right, this was certainly more of a islamic state imposing its own values , and not a reflection of a lack of scholarship.

I believe there is another turk/abbasids or something as one of the other civs? I wouldn’t be surprised if that had a strong technological/scholarly leaning too.


its medieval times. ever nation looted and attacked.


Point is that they could have had a military focus rather than a scholarly one, given their historical position.

I was hesitant to hold this opinion but after confirming more or less that Abbasids are in the game, it would be more appropriate to have their focus be on medical/scholarly/techno development with healers and scholars.

The Islamic golden age was a restricted period of development mostly centered in Baghdad during the Abbasid caliphate, which was ended by the Mongol conquest of that region. The Delhi Sultanate was more concerned with military conquest than preservation/development of scholarly knowledge.

During the Early-High middle ages the intellectual centers of the world which preserved, curated, and developed knowledge were the East Roman Empire and Abbasid Caliphate, so in my opinion those should have the highest justification for having defensive/technological foci.

Let me guess you are an Indian?

Nope. Just informed about history. Being in academia, I have a problem with the choice of civ bonus given the civ’s history.


It’s possible for Delhi to also be a rush civ, it’s said they can build fortifications with infantry, so there is tower rush potential

My dad is a historian as well and I didn’t heard anything like that. As far as I know some Delhi Sultanates were straight up a**holes and some were actually good and flourished as civ bonus states. So far I saw several guys on forums are pissed because why Delhi Sultanate instead of some Hindu civs which are fit for AOE3 timeline only like Sikhs but asking devs to add them. That’s why I’m just annoyed by them.


How progressive! It reminds me of modern times


Yea, with the addition of abbasids it would be a shame if they didn’t also (or even instead of DS) receive a heavy technological bonus and focusing.

and yea, the Delhi sultanate were only around for the final part of the islamic golden age too, so I get that its a stretch there too, and it was mainly focused around bagdad house of wisdom etc. Just saying thats likely where the inspo came from, seeming as their an islamic state. It’s not like they were unscholarly.

lol youre just talking about the invading part not the developing part aftet the invation

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