Delhi Sultanate early game is weak

Every my attempt to play DS ends with my defeat because my opponent go to timing attack instead of Imperial Age.

  • English has superfast and effective longbows in Age 2.
  • French has OP knights in Age 2.
  • Mongols have horses in Age 1.

So what advantage has Delhi Sultanate? Free research? Omg thanks, very appreciate, but what use from it if I can’t build army fast enough, there no buffs to produce speed.

And nobody going to wait until I build Elephants, 1-2 is going to die against spearmens in case if opponent mass units before Imperial.

I also don’t see any major streamers who would play Delhi.

Dehli is fine in early game.

They are able to flexibly rush out feudal units with scholars and can sustain production for longer before switching to farms. You can use the production bonus to push their base, capturing holy sites while they are busy defending

They are harder to play than some other civs as you need to be thinking 3-5 mins ahead but I haven’t felt they are particularly weak.

That said it doesn’t hurt to make unique or hard to play civs overpowered to start and progressively nerf them as people learn to play them.


FitzBro defeating French in Feudal.

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Right on the money :+1: :+1:

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haha, Ftizbros strategy definitely does work and is super entertaining. I’d argue it would be better to take efficient production first, use it to get an army advantage and then take sites as you pressure their base.

That said he is top 100 and I am not so I might just be wrong lol.

On top of what the others said, you do realise they have a landmark that can permanently boost all there infantry’s attack speed… for free…

The civ likely needs some tweaking, rus and franks will likely get nerfed, and Mongol and HRE bugs fixed. Which will lessen the deceptive power disparity

I think Delhi is objectively weak early on - but things like the buff to sacred sites (200g a minute, from about 5-6 minutes), elephants (kind of meh late game, but very good if you get a critical mass early on) and expanding from Keeps (just awesome - but you have to get there) undermine making their early game dramatically better.

I do think most aggressive civs should shut down the Sacred Sites, with some map dependency - and so for now success is rooted in people not really knowing how powerful it is for the Delhi player. But I’m just a guy on the internet, so could be wrong.

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Chinese civilization is also

Isn’t that the entire point of Delhi Sultanate? In the Beta, the description said they had the best late game with the worst early game. Once you get to late game, with war elephants, they become nearly unstoppable.

midgame is also weak

french midgame knight (-20% cost, +35% hp)
112 food
80 gold
310 hp
1.61 hp / resource

delhi stable elephant
1400 hp
1.4 hp / resource

delhi range elephant
960 hp
0.96 hp / resource

and if you look at attack, french get 5 or 6 knights compared to 1 elephant. more mobility. more ways to micro. more benefit from upgrades (eg. 2 attack upgrades x 5 units = 10 extra attack power). the knights have a huge advantage there

and with player skill, french can retreat low HP knights and heal, so they get closer to 2 hp / resource. delhi healing relies on opponents not knowing to target scholars

french is a little slower because they have to research some things, but they can afford it

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At least their landmarks still have a feeling. The landmarks of Chinese civilization are the worst of all civilizations, although they can build more.

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Bahh i came from chinese to delhi— delhi feels sooo much slower early game… everything from building to techs to unit production… its painfully slower imo… i came here just to complain how painful it is… but im gonna try to make them my second… so anyone find any good recent videos? I hate all the beta vids that keep comin up still.

use scholars in buildings, you produce units 2x faster than any civ besides china. mongols can do it but not consistently

delhi is slow, but they are faster than people think

also capping a sacred site (even if you immediately lose the scholar, and the opponent immediately starts decapping) is still a net gain of res, something like 30g if you used the landmark to make the scholar

their techs are slow, but at the same time you are getting all the tech most civ will only choose 1 or 2 of at most, meaning your gather rate per vil is higher than a lot of civs.

again not saying they’re amazing, but they’re quicker than they seem

war eles are generally a trap, i would say use them in minimal numbers, and support with MAA or KTS, with the usual springs (which again can be trained at double the rate of most civs with a sholar)

Yeah i knew the prob was with me… generally im the bottleneck… this last round went alot more as expected… geting thos sacred sites is mandatory!

This guy does a decent job pf explaining and showing” exact build order… tweakable but decent

I beg to differ with war elephants being unstoppable. These elephants cab be countered by almost every unit and quite effectively. Early Castle is where Delhi shines the most and can easily out power it’s opponent with strong and fast MAAs and a few early Elephants. But going to early castle is the real challenge against rushing civs. I’m sure new METAs will emerge for that or some buffs will be coming to this civ soon.

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On top of what the others said, you do realise they have a landmark that can permanently boost all there infantry’s attack speed… for free…

That is bugged, and all infantry must “walk by” to receive. It never gets used. Build a landmark in Feudal and what? Run all your infantry back to it when your forward military buildings go up? That landmark is a joke.

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You can watch viper’s live broadcast, or watch the replay of viper or lucifron7 in the game. They use Delhi Sudan very powerful. The rhythm of Delhi Sudan’s game is not slow, and sometimes it makes the opponent feel very uncomfortable.

the upcoming patch next week should strengthen delhi early game.

Yeah ai also… it seems to be overwhelmed even easier

I meant within a mixed army. Definitely not on their own. I have had success with Delhi Sultanate, even against players using rush civs. I manage to usually get to feudal before they even have enough units to attack (go hard on berry bushes because of the civ bonus) and then if I see they are using archers I rush cavalry or spearmen if they are cavalry heavy. Then once I’m in castle, I attack early in castle age once I have 4 or 6 elephants and then I use sprint MAA, cavalry, and springalds to cover the elephants. I rarely have to go to Imperial age to win.

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