Delhi sultanate Elephants Extremely OP

If the Deli Sultanate can ever get to the point where they have 20+ elephants there is literally no way to stop them especially if it’s the tower elephants who get ranged units on top of them such as crossbows and can kite other units with ease and can engage other ranged units easily. Elephants are strong but still manageable mid game but when it gets to the point where they have 2000hp 10 armor and 100+ damage from all sources there is no counter to them period spearmen sounds like a good counter at first untill you realize it would take about 70 hits to kill an elephant while only taking 1-2 to kill your spearmen.Not even Streltsy can beat a hoard of elephants at equal value although they seen to trade against them the best. There is no unit that comes even close to being as cost efficient in a fight as elephants late game. Now you can argue that you can counter the Deli sultanate by attacking them early and not letting them amass a hoard of elephants which is fine and all but sometimes too difficult to achieve on maps that are easily defensible. Obviously in 1v1 elephants are gonna be a non-issue but in team games especially 4v4s that get to late game. The team that has elephants are gonna win everytime. How do i know this? Because I’ve just played 8 3v3s and 4v4s in a row where my buddy massed elephants then steamrolled the entire enemy team while healing them with monks and losing maybe 5-10 elephants per 200 units he killed.

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I’ve had my elephants get flattened by strelets, they are quite strong, and deff need a nerf but they are far from unstoppable. Seems siege can be good against them as well.

Were you using the tower elephants trained from the archery range or the melee elephants from the stables. Me and my buddy tested 90 strelty vs 30 tower elephants with 4 monks all with max upgrades and the elephants won with 15 remaining how ever he was kitting with the elephants who have more range.

when in the world you get 30 dumbos in the same time ?! Oo
You need at least 30 seconds to produce 1 elephant. if you let your oppenent stack elephant the dumb one is you. mass any melee infantry w/ cross bow + magos. melees are meat shield, xbows are anti armored (the bests military option for delhi) and magos for mass archers ( wich answer to mass xbows).

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Bombards can quickly kill and also outrun elephants. The last thing Delhi needs now is another nerf.

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The Chinese Bombards easily take out our elephantos with ease xD

Elephants are really weak against crossbows and spearmen.
Just spam these units and you will beat elephantos with ease

Elephants are actually a pretty bad unit right now and lose at equal resources to almost every unit in the game. (I War elephants beat cavalry, and elephants beat most siege with no other units). Also if your opponent has 20+ elephants, you could have already built 2 wonders or almost 100 knights by then (or even better just murdered elephants with like 100 handcannons or xbows)

It doesn’t matterthat elephants can fight like 5 spearman by itself since they cost the same as 13 spears and lose that fight horrendously.

As others have said, bombards take care of elephants very well,.

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Two thing guys, this post is two and a half months old on the first version of the game. And it was during a time where me and my team mates mmr wasn’t correctly placed yet so we were fighting mostly against noobs who didn’t know what to do against mass elephants so they seemed broken to us at the time. I don’t know why this post started getting reply’s suddenly but feel free to discuss the viability of elephants. The recent spearmen and crossbow buffs have made it much easier to counter mass elephants so dealing with them even in team games isn’t hard if you know What you’re doing

Huh, lol didn’t realize the thread got necrod and just responded. I think even with xbow and spear buffs they are more viable. Handcannons and springalds were harder counters imo and both got nerfed pretty significantly.