Delhi Sultanate - Keep Emplacements Affected by Scholars

The build time of keep emplacements as the Delhi Sultanate is affected by the research speed modifier (ie. x5 build time without the influence of a mosque).

This does not seem like intended behaviour, as they are not techs and are not free, and emplacements in outposts always have the normal build time.

Within mosque influence + 15 garrisoned scholars:

Outside of mosque influence:

Outpost is normal and unaffected:


Thanks @VioletGuide9917! We appreciate the report!

I assume this shouldn’t be the case, because outpost’s emplacements aren’t.

I reported this as well last week and got a dev response, so they know.

In the meantime, just remember to always build a mosque beside your keeps! It’s annoying to have to spend the extra wood but on the plus side if you have more than 9 scholars your emplacements are extra fast.