Delhi Sultanate Language

Why the language does not evolve into Hindustani (Urdu/Hindi)?

Is there really any change in the language spoken as you age up as this civ?

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Aren’t they Mughals’ predecessors? I think it makes sense they aren’t speaking languages born during/after Mughal reign.

They are speaking generic Persian.

Weren’t their rulers Persian/Afghani?

But yeah, if all their units speak Persian, that’s weird.

Yes the rulers were Persian and afaik Hindustani was spoken in Delhi Sultanate even by their royals and common people definitely . Their kingdom itself was called Hindustan (Rule of Delhi is what is defined as Hindustan). Even in AoE2 there is this civ called Hindustanis and they speak the correct language. Hindi and Urdu are Hindustani only. Hindi is Sanskritised Hindustani while Urdu is Persianised Hindustani. Only script is different language is same mutually understandable. In AoE4 the civ speaks just Persian and doesn’t even evolve over age in any manner. If the Persian evolved into something recognisable then it would have made a lot more sense.

They should be speaking Hindi in imperial age right? That would mean in later period they adapted North Indian culture

Yes that is how it should be. The language should start from maybe Uzbek-Afghan then shifting into Punjabi-Hindi.

I would port the audios of the Hindustanis from AoE 2 to AoE 4…

Hopefully the devs introduce a proper Persian civ which gets the Persian voice set. Currently this civ is acting like a Pseudo-Persian civ.

Thing is AoE4 voices evolve over the ages unlike in AoE2 which stays same throughout.

Yes, maybe you can mix audios from AoE 2 with those from AoE 3…

AoE3 units speak some anachronistic words such as “Hello” and the voice actings might not sync correctly as it is done by different people.

Well, you are right on that…

Yup, the AOE 3 voice acting (and the choice of words as well) for the Indians was absolutely atrocious.

Who said this? It fits the colonial age. Accent wise the language spoken in aoe3 is far better than what they made for indians (now hindustanis) in aoe2. The female voice actor clearly sounds british in AoE2. I don’t theink there is anything incorrect in using the word “hello” for aoe3 indians. Only wrong thing is gurkhas are not speaking nepali, chakram are not speaking punjabi, urumi is not speaking malyalam, jat lancer is not speaking haryanvi and as such but that’s a different story.

Yes, let’s say that the Indians of AoE 3 are those of the campaign, that is, the Mughal Empire under the control of the EIC (1757-1857); that’s why some English word may slip into the Hindi language of the villagers…