Delhi sultanate looks so weak?

after playing them i feel like they need some love in balancing ,
only useful buff they have is berry gather buff , but its not as good as economic buff of other civ ,

early game :

tower of victory is a scam , only affact infantry and reduce attack time by base 0.15 sec , its close to 10% or lower buff not close to 15% , this is not as good as what other civs get . even a tech that give 1 attack boost demage more

they unique buff of free tech , most tech take 3-5 min to research , which is huge , to get its benifit u need to invest in mosque and scholers which may cost u almost same or more than researching them by resourses , this benifit only truly kik in late game ,
also u cant have fast second tc if u go for tech , and if u go for second tc , ur teches will be very delayed .

only good eco boost u can get is build a mosque fast research fast tech to capture religious site ,
but it has drwaback with weaker units any opponent can prevent u from capturing or keeping the site .

then all u will have not so good early eco and defending with weaker units .

late game :

late game u have no good bonus or tech or landmark for late game , u have a landmark that genrate some food , thats all . also in late game u dont have strong units like many other civs
ur elephants are not strong enough to fight in massive fights neither they have many teches to buff them .

infantry building walls can make u turtle hard , but u dont have any good incentaive vs other civs to late late game as well .

overall they are pretty creativly deisgn civ and very attractive too , but they need some balancing to be compitative .


any delhi players here ?

You are right, both technology and units in Delhi are too weak. Units are weak and Technology seems free, but it’s not. The same problem also appears in China. Too many useless wonders while need so many resources


Yes, no good early game benifits , and even in late game no strong units to justify turtling .

The main issue I find with the Selhi Sultanate its how its built as a defensive, turtle, middle-late game civ but has no intresting ways to interact with the enemy before Castle Age.

They don’t have unique units or techs they could benefit in feudal, just the typical food/wood units (compare it with longbows, royal knights, early men at arms, camels archers, mangudai and boyards). They also don’t have any economic bonus they could use to age up faster, unlike the rus and their hunting cabins.

They are an intresting faction in castle age: They can either mix elephants with their trash armies or switch to gold units to benefit from their unique tech.

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They are very powerful if you play them correctly. I had good success with rushing sacred site capturing tech which gives you 200 gold/min each (+100% compared to other civs). And with 100% faster production on barracks/archery range, you can flood enough trash army to defend them. The techs are slow but are back to normal speed with 3 full mosques (9 scholars). Don’t forget that all techs all free, it’s an overpowered eco AND military bonus at the same time. (Build 2 blacksmith early age 2, and you will always be ahead in blacksmith upgrades)

Your later army composition should revolve around elephants and trash that can protect them against their counters. If you manage to get out tower elephants and combine them with archers to take care of pikes&xbows (or regular elephants/your own pikes if the enemy is going heavy horsemen as counter), it’s incredibly hard to stop. You can have fast & tanky scholars that you’ve been producing since age 2 healing (and giving +50% attack speed bonus) from behind.

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how can u rush a sacred site , when u have 4 lancer waiting for u at site ? before u could even think about making barracks . and how can u produce 100% faster from barracks ? when u dont have eco for that , u dont have anyyy early eco benifit , faster berries are barely faster than sheeps , also 100% productions is not a big benifit in any means , unless u make cheaper scoler wonder , u can always make another barracks or building with 50 extra resoucrses , also wood is way safer then coin. and 50 resouirces are nothing if u have eco to produce from 2 buildings non stop .

late army composition is just bad , how can u say it good ? u dont any any good units , elephants are just tank but no demage , and u need attack speed on ur hand cannoneer and sxeige , which will always never the case as scholler keep healing and buffing front line troops instead of seige or hand cannoners .

play vs any good player , u will know , how weak is that

i suggest , 100% production upgrade affacting economic buildings as well might fix their eco problem

Define “good player”. I’m currently at 1250 elo playing Delhi only, and still working on optimising the build.

The strength of Delhi is not in very late game, but in a timed and devastating attack coming either castle or early imp when you have full upgrades, and your opponent has to decide whether to spend res into upgrades or more of the weaker army.

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I define good player as top 500

China and Delhi and Sudan are the two weakest civilizations

Yesterday i played agains delhi (AI) and they picked up all the relics in feudal age. It is a huge advantage and injustice. So i quit the game

First , is one of the most asymmetric civs , they can research technology’s for free , they can have scholars since age 1 , so you can have a small feudal army but they can can deal a lot of damage .

And their elephants are practically inmortal if they are supported by a scholar

They also can build walls with infantry.

Are you truly sure they are weak and not badass?

Elephant are not immortal , spirngol and bombard shred them .

Delhi cannot pick relics at Feudal age dude. They can capture sacred sites though that’s a whole other thing.

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I have to strongly disagree on the technology part. With the dome of faith landmark, you can get 3 full mosques with only 300 wood for the mosques and 600 gold for the 8 additional scholars (1200 gold without the landmark). That dumbs down the technology research duration to around what it takes for every other civ. It’s not even close to what other civs have to pay for research. Just the university and blacksmith techs require more than 10k resources. Just the resource dropoff techs cost more than 6k resources.
A lot of times people who get their armies wiped out against the Delhi complain that the elephants are OP, but when you check the replays, you see the Delhi player has out-teched them.

I am a Delhi player myself. I love their mechanics and their theme. My only problem with them is that they have a very hard time against some of the other races during the feudal age. But I think the problem mostly lies in the OPness of some of those civs than the weakness of Delhi.

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I still have to play more games but I have to say that rushing sacred sites really pump your gold income and forces your opponents to react. Depending on the map you should try and hold with a small investment in some palisades. This will give you time to eco and tech more towards castle age.

I am trying to get a build where my infantry will make stone walls when I get to castle age. Still need to perfect it a bit. Anyone tried this?

well if u force opponent to react then , they were bad , ur opponent should be ready to defend sacred site vs delhi , without sacrad site , delhi just die .

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Yeah but if you have an army with more stuff like knights (lancers) or some rams the story changes…