Delhi Sultanate Mastery #9 not working

Dear developers/members,

I am trying to progress in the Delhi Sultanate Mastery #9 (Protecting the Sword) since the last week. I build the House of Learning and research the technology to make the mosques heal. I tried this in several maps, with and without enemies, and even after being sure that more than 1,000 health was healed by the mosques, the mastery is not completed when the match ends (by winning or resigning). Is there any way to fix this?

Game version:
Maps played: Altai, Black Forest, Arabia, Golden Heights, Volcanic Island.

Thank you.

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Same issue. I’ve ensured mods are turned off and very clearly received over 1000 healing from mosques in Custom games versus AI. Mastery #9 still isn’t unlocking.

I have the same issue. Started from age II with max res. and 1 enemy set to intermediate. Then build the House of Learning to get to age III and research: Tranquil Venue. Build some mosques and build stables and about 100 war elephants. Take the elephants to take a lot of damage from enemy units and buildings, then send them back to stand close to the mosques and see them healing up. Made sure that the multiple elephants were hurt with damage over 1000 so they could be healed up for at least 1000 hp. No luck in unlocking this mastery.

Also tried with or without scholars inside the building that had no affect on unlocking this mastery, so like the others said this is bugged!


It’s been several months since this was reported and even longer since this has been a game breaking bug when it comes to Mastery completion. AoE4 is receiving updates but this still isn’t being addressed. Please fix!

That’s weird. I did this mastery two weeks ago playing on PC using more or less the same method than jantrance. Maybe try to win the game (landmark/wonder/sanctuary wins enabled) ?

It had nothing to do with winning the game. I completed the requirements and won the game countless times. It was a bug, perhaps only affecting some users, that they happened to have fixed recently. They also nerfed the mastery challenge so it’s only 500 total health now and they retroactively awarded me the mastery completion.