Delhi Sultanate Mastery Military Construction

I built 10 palisade walls in the dark age in pup version using only spearman villagers in town center max resources then surrendered as directions doesn’t say to age up.


This mastery must not use villager to construct palisade or it would count.
Try build with only spearman unit.

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I did.

there was one time I had the villagers construct one barracks a few houses then killed them. other times i leave them garrisoned in the town center. i then created 5 spearman and then constructed 10 separate walls then surrendered the game, one time I even built the walls then aged up then surrendered. I have built 10 palisade walls some where the total when i click on the spearman are greater than 10. I have successfully constructed 10 walls where the spearmen show 10 on the palisade button. still, I cannot get the mastery.

this is my last mastery; I have gotten all the others, so this is not some issue as simple as me not reading the description.

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well it seems to be fixed, but at the cost that I lost all my completed masteries.

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Please contact support! This is something the team will want more details on.

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I have noticed the same for me. I tried multiple times, in 1v1 vs AI. or in a map without AI.
The mastery does not progress.

I have the same problem, tried it 3 times…

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It doesn’t work, I tried it many times, changed the language of the game, built 10 walls in small pieces, built up the floor of the map with walls. It didn 't help :neutral_face:

Same issue. Tried 10 short walls and one long wall. All with spearmen, all in games where I never left the dark age.

Same here. Tried many times. Must be a game bug.

Trying this now to no Avail. Cannot complete Dheli mastery. Please fix

Same issue here, tried everything I could think of. Put in a support ticket, here’s hoping.

Delhi Sultanate, second mastery will not complete. It is a very easy mastery to complete and I have it done over ten times.

Build ten palisade walls during age 1 without using villagers.

I have been making 10 separate walls roughly 30 wood each using only my spearmen, in age 1.


Also having this exact problem, had plenty of matches and certain I met the requirements, and not completing.

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Thank you @Swagnar1804 and @HerrMoravian + all. There’s definitely something going on here; we’re checking into it!