Delhi Sultanate

Anyone give me tips on how to use them or point me to easy build orders? I want to learn how to play them but I want to make sure I dont suck so hard with them.

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Make sure you get lots of scholars and get all the upgrades you can remember to click on. Over time you will out-tech your opponents due to the free upgrades for both military and eco and win via better quality units.

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Checkout the deli one its number 11 and good to watch the others. Small little tips to improve your game

Beastyqts Age of Empires IV Guides & Tutorials

Some build order



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watch Szalami1 replays


Thank you guys and girls. I will take a look at what you posted. Only thing I have noticed so far is it feels like it takes me ages to age up

How do you allocate villagers and when do you start then on each resource? One or two vil on gold early makes a huge difference for when you can age up

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Mostly Food and Wood

I’m currently working with my wife on learning the game and one of her biggest issues early was she would put all 6 starting vils on food, then rally to wood and more food and wouldn’t start gold until 3 or so mins in. Since I’ve corrected her and had her start with some on gold, she has done MUCH better with her age up timings. Maybe this applies to you as well? I’m not sure.

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As Delhi, or abbasid, put 8 to food on berries and 4 to gold, and you will start to age up at min 2 aprox.

You will notice that when you start to age up you will be at 0 food and 0 gold, very well optimised.

As abbasid I start putting 8 to food and use 1 of food to build the house and house of wisdom.

When you have 8 in food start to put in gold.

As Delhi, it’s the same BUT, use the 5 starting villagers to get 50 wood, then put them in food at berries, and use one to build a mosque.

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Tower elephants losing only 100 base HP and losing 100% formation catch up speed foesnt seem to he enough of a near. I think tower elephants should have 750 base HP esp if they can get incendiary arrow buffs along with biology!! Also scholar ho buff should be a castle upgrade bc a feudal age 130hp unit with no direct counter that can heal is hard to deal with!!

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First of all these are not buffs, these are bug fixes, they were supposed to have the damage from the start. So overall it’s a nerf.

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Even beastyqt and demuslim play a lot of delhi, kasva too

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you can check high level past delhi replays here>1600

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Thank you! I will take a look.

This Civ is fun to play. I just cant get the hang of them yet