Delirium Cup: Looking Partners for making a really different tournament

Hi everyone. You might know me. I’m Lord_Patito. I’m involved in, I was admin in Nova’s Terra Nova and I’m a serial-poster of balance-suggestion threads.

I write this post because I’ve been crafting and refining a VERY SPECIAL 3v3 tournament (This is my personal project, and is not conected to Deep Waters). I’ve tested it at an amateur level with my former clan, but now I would like it to be played by Experts/pro/elite players. But first things first.

What makes Delirium Cup so different? well, basically it’s the fact that maps and victory conditions works together. I’ve recollected maps from both Chrazini and Zetnus (with their explicit permission and colaboration, of course), and I’ve have matched them with a victory condition that exploits the best quality of that map. Or sometimes several. Capture the relic, regicide, sudden death, DM, Empire Wars… anything goes here.

By now, I have all the maps I need, plus the handbook (in an advance beta version, just some details are missing) and the event banner (again, in a beta version).

What do I need? well, basically three things:

1- Casters: as simple as it’s sounds. I’m no caster. And I have no interest in becoming one. So I need someone interested in covering the tournament. The more the merrier.

2- Patrons: A prize pool will attrack better players to participate. I know people that organize tournaments are often the one who put (at least) part of the pricepool, but again, those people are usually casting the tournament, and thus, gaining subs to their channels. I’m just interested in organizing the game. Of course, anyone putting money for the prizepool will get some kind of promotion for their website/product/twich-youtube channel/ etc, during the streams and in both the banner and the handbook.

3- Good Players - Good players attracks prize pools, and casters. We all know that. In that context, If you’re an expert player (17++ or more) and you fancy the concept of the tournament, please contact me.

If you’re interested in become any of this three things (or all three, why not) please contact me. I will send you the handbook and from there, you can decide if the project seems interesting for you or not.

I’ve been contacting some people in private, but since is a project so special, I thought “what the hell” and decided to make some sort of community test and crowdfunding, all in one. I would really love to be able to have some price pool, and also being able to pay something to both Chrazini and Zetnus for their job.

Of course, I’m organizing the tournament regardless I get any of this three things or not, but getting all this three things would help me to make it happen at a higher competitive level. For those who’re interested, you can contact me either through here, or (preferably) by Discord (Lord patito#1970)

Thank you all for your attention, and I hope you have a Happy new year.
May Daut be with you


Great to see some new kind of tournaments!

If you really want to attrack high level players, then you might wanna post this at I think you are more likely to attrack the right people at that forum.

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Hi! I already did it. Actually, I’ve been in contact with several elite players during the last months. The thing I need the most is, to be honest, patreons to make a decent pool price in order to pro players to be interested. But i’m planning to invite them personally when I the tournament’s inscriptions starts