Demolition ships behavior

Hi, I had a fleet of Lodya demolition ships (a dozen) and gave the order to destroy an enemy fishing boat. They all exploded… In such case, only one demolition ship should explode, so it should be one demolition ship per enemy ship

If you ordered them all to attack a single fishing ship and they got in range before the fishing ship died then of course they’ll explode.

They’re doing exactly what you told them to.

It’s just like if you told 100 archers to shoot a single spearman in range. They will all shoot and do a bunch of wasted overkill.

The game isn’t going to micromanage the engagements for you.

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Except that archers are not kamikazing. But I hear you that it actually may be intended, that those demolition ships require a lot of micromanagement

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True, but that’s only because it just so happens that the archer’s attack does not kill itself.

The behavior is entirely consistent.

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Absolutely, the behavior is consistent accross units. My point is that maybe demolition ships, because of their kamikaze nature, should behave differently.