Denial of Service connection hack?

Played a guy for over an hour. Me British turtle vs him Spanish with some good offense. I got double walls and a nice defense of archers up quick and proceeded to make the long slog to Age V economy explosion… he fought hard… long time… broke through my walls… was all the way to my villies and I finally got the balance and began to push him back… came back from 30,000 vs 55,000 all the way to 120,000 vs 50,000…

then… mysteriously… started getting connection errors. We played a little longer… with interruptions every minute or two. I literally accused him of hacking the game to crash our connection… unfortunately for the mystery of it, he did not reply to my accusation…

Suddenly He made a surprise last-ditch assault on my far flank… I wasnt prepared for… (in hindsight, it feels like he queued up a bunch of production and just tortured the connection to distract and frustrate me while waiting for the troops to produce…?) but my economy was booming so much that I quickly stomped out the fire and resumed attacking him.

Then, as I was crashing his walls and going in for the kill… streaming Hussars in… the game just lost connection… I popped up a “cmd” and ping -t and watched… 30ms 300ms 20ms 400ms 35ms 300ms… then the game timed out and exited… then the ping went perfectly clean… 24ms 30ms 27ms 32ms 21ms 29ms… etc…

No issues for over an hour of play. then just as he was really losing his smack… suddenly connection issue… that mysteriously resolves longs enough for him to send a last-ditch attack… and then returns as soon as I flip the script back into my favor… then completely resolves like nothing ever happened when the game ends.

what’s the trick? I assume he sent a flood of packets at my machine so I couldn’t keep connected to the server?

Is there any way to counter this?

Is there an existing name for this technique?

I assume its reportable?

(EDITED for readability/clarity.)

Probably no good in reporting it, very hard to prove.

This is very easy to do especially in games where it’s 1v1 because you know your ip and the ip of the person you wish to kick/lag.

There’s nothing you can do. Just avoid these people and don’t antagonise them, because they usually just do this once to win a game, but if they don’t like you they can keep doing it repeatedly/daily etc and you’d need to call your ISP and change your I.P. address.

It’s normally called ‘booting’.