Description-Cost window

Usually when you left your mouse on an icon (of a building for example) it appear a window with a description and the cost of the “product”. For some reason, this doesn’t appear anymore. Any help?

Please check configuration of Roll-over Help through main menu -> options -> settings.
It should be on Fixed or Floating there.

It’s on Floating. I just change it οn Fixed, and back again (on Floating) but nothing happend.

Thanks for your time.

Try to change the settings from the main menu and not when you are in a match.

I just tested to change the settings when i was in a match and it didn’t work correctly.
I switched from fixed to floating and buildings costs didn’t appear anymore.

Unfortunately nothing again…

did you try the -reset to default- button?


go to windowed mode and then back to full screen again?

Yes, more than once. And still nothing happened.

Have you tried creating a new Windows user account? It worked for @EdsonMarx.


Yes! It works!

But I 'll lost all my campaign and I have to do it again…

Thank you very much!

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You can use the HOME RUN cheat to restore your progress.

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As far as I know you don’t need cheats to restore the game progress.
It’s saved online in your Xbox player profile which will resync below the new account.

Yet still we don’t know the issue that causes this to happen.

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I wonder if people are using CCleaner. It has corrupted a user profile for me in Windows 10 before.

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Good one. It gotta be something. I was thinking about incorrect hotkey assignments. The previous user with this problem had them reassigned. But how that could mess up the roll-over help or block mouseover functionality on the build menu bar. Also I noticed that Edge still can get messed up after using the built-in cleaning functionality and then even using application reset does not resolve that problem, only by creating a new fresh user profile does solve the problem.

CCleaner is like using a lawn mower instead of scissors or clippers to do a haircut.

Thanks everyone or the help!