Description of Byzantine Fire Ship attack speed bonus was incorrectly changed

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  • BUILD: November Hotfix 43210
  • PLATFORM: Steam / Microsoft Store
  • OS: Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Mac / Linux

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In the new anniversary patch, a lot of tech tree descriptions regarding attack speed and creation time bonuses, have been updated to finally reflect the correct value (for example celt siege attack speed bonus is writing 25% now, as it always was)

But there is 1 bonus that has been incorrectly updated. The byzantines fire ship

The tech tree used to say that the fire ships attack 20% faster.

Now they updated it to say 25% faster, since that is true for most other attack speed bonuses (because if you reduce reload time of a unit by 20%, the unit is able to get 25% more attacks, because 1 divided by 0.8 is 1.25).

But the byzantine fire ship bonus seems to be an exception and is implemented differently.

A few tests I’ve conducted in scenario editor show that the fire ship only gets 20% faster attack speed, and that the old tooltip of 20% was correct.
I placed fireships to attack an Outpost with 5000 HP and then I measured how fast they killed it.

1st try:
byzantines fireship vs a 5000 HP outpost: 5000dmg in 165s = 30dmg/s
generic fireship vs a 5000 HP outpost: 5000dmg in 198s = 25dmg/s

30dmg / 25dmg = 1.2 dmg, or just by dividing the time we also get 198s / 165s = 1,2

2nd try:
byza 5000dmg in 163s
other 5000dmg in 196s

here by dividing 196s / 163s we also get 1,202, which is pretty close to 1.2

Conclusion: byzantine fire ship only attacks 20% faster, and it was actually one of the few tooltips that was labeled correctly all the way from 1999 :smiley:

If there may have been some oversight in my testing, feel free to point it out.

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