Desktop icons bug

Hello, guys!

Does anyone have any idea why the desktop icons are displayed like this? It’s been like this since a couple of weeks now. I have a couple of games on my computer, but it only happens to Age of Empires (l & ll) and to Europa Universalis lV. Any ideas on how to fix this?


Anything, anyone?

Would really appreciate if someone could help with this as it has become quite annoying.

which windows version is this, 10 or 11, or older?
haven’t been able to replicate it on either

Windows 10. Do you think it’s related?

its always a possibility

Ok, but related to what?

What can I do to change it to the regular appearance the icons have had?

Cheers, guys!

Does anyone have an answer for this?

Why is this happening to these games and how can I fix it? It’s becoming incredibly annoying.

Would really appreciate if you could please come with some solutions that I could try.

try asking on windows forum, maybe they can help