Despite the hype there is still one thing I’d plea

Hope you do not give the new stuff (like native and mercenary shipments) to new civs only.
Especially when they are literally European.

For example with “natives” that represent the ruling houses of several European nations, there’s finally something that can be legally dropped into European native embassies like how it works for US and Mexicans (through cards etc.). Would be atrocious if Italians can send more Bourbon units while French have no access to them.

I mean I didn’t like it when TAD happened and Europeans still can send American natives only. Or when Africans happened and Europeans still can send American natives only. But these are kinda understandable because the game was originally “American colonization” and European civs are designed to fit the theme. But if it is a full scale European representation and Europeans can still only send Cherokee or Huron natives to every where in the world it would be very stupid.


As civs get reworked new units will likely be added as we’ve seen with spain recently and haciendas and soldados, conquistadors etc.

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Still, it does make sense to have specific civs receive unit cards at least for units from their royal houses, like Bourbon units for French and Spanish.