Destroying all Landmarks and the Player is still alive

Since I haven’t seen a Post or Thread regarding this Subject I wanted to share this.

Quickmatch 3v3 4v4
played in Week 27 and Week 28 2022 (so after Season Patch)
At least one of the Games was played on “The Pit”

We’ve had this happen at least twice in recent Multiplayer matches :

We went to destroy all Landmarks of one of our enemies.
All destroyed Landmarks had their little text box on them and had 0 HP.
The particular Player ( human, not a bot) still remained in the game.

We had sight on all destroyed landmarks at the same time so he could not repair them.

In one of those Instances the Enemy was playing HRE if I recall correctly; (definitely not China or Mongol)
We all assured each other, about the fact that he should be dead - because we thought we missed something.

Later in the game the enemy was even able to build the Age4-Landmark and advanced to Age4.
We destroyed that as well and made sure the other Landmarks were still down - same exact thing - He was still alive.

Eventually we killed the rest of the Enemies and the Game ended.
Not sure tho, if the bugged Player surrendered or if the game was won by “Landmark Victory”.

Mid Game this is really frustrating and unnerving, because you take a risk and put all you got into the attack to raze one of the Enemies and he can just rebuild endlessly, if properly supported by his Teammates.


This was an intentional change (you can check the patch notes from last week). Players are now only eliminated when all landmarks across the whole team are destroyed.

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There should be a countdown (60-100s) for your Landmarks to repair, stopping the count if they are repairing. It would be the middle ground that would satisfy everyone.

Feedback seen and tracked—thanks all!