Destroying Landmark Win condition in Ranked match need to change

Hey guys! Its _SSSylas here on AOE4

Just addressing the issue of the competitive game related to winning condition in a ranked match do I think it needs a little change.

Destroying Landmark is a problem in 1v1 but also in Team game.

It happen to me some time (5 or 6 games on 100 games) where I was rebuilding everywhere on the map and was ahead in the score when my landmark gets destroy then lose because of this when sometimes I just comeback in the game.

You just kill creativity from a player perspective people have differents styles like turtling, expanding, and you should be removed this win condition from the matchmaking ranked system as it kills more diversity, freedom of different playstyles is good for the game!

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Mongols and China are able to counter play this to an extent but I expect this will become less impactful as people create strategies to prevent landmark sniping. Victory conditions should be looked at but I think it would be better to rebalance them after the game has been out for a bit and a meta is developed.

Also landmark victory isn’t always cheesy, I had an islands game where I was winning via sacred sites when I got my less defended main island landed. It tried to build my imperial age landmark on a neutral island so he couldn’t destroy all my landmarks with his landing force but I wasn’t able to and lost with a couple mins left on the holy site clock and 80% of my imp landmark built.

It is not related to balance (it have an impact but is not my main concern here). but for the freedom of player to be able to have different playstyle and also people who like to watch players on different streams because also for the playstyle.

To be honest, there isnt anything wrong with the victory condition existing. It will depend on what options are enabled for competitive play. Wonders and relics are a victory type in AoE2, but the standard is to not enable them now. I dont see an issue with them doing these tests with all the victory types enabled, if not to simply exhibit them for testing.

Personally, I’m happy with a multitude of objectives to work around. King of the hill is a fun example of occupying the hill at all costs, due to the single victory point win condition, more than just "it has extra resources. We will see what options are available post-launch.

It’s also a potential counterplay to sitting a wonder in the corner of the map and turtling it to a ridiculous degree.

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I think it’s fine. People will need to adapt a bit to this being the victory condition.

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More and more you add win conditions than more and more it becomes just one way to win
When the game will be figured out you will see a thousand clone players have exactly the same strategy for every win condition.
The thing is you will have some abuser who will find an extremely optimized strategy for every win condition and you will be locked to that, then the dev will add a 10 min win if the landmark is not rebuilt.
but it will not resolve the problem of the diversity of playstyle to win the game to be locked because of so many winning conditions.

I am talking here only for the competitive play in ranked not in custom game this is not good for the game.